Where do the people walking in India Jodo Yatra live, what are the arrangements for their food and drink, do they even get money? Learn

The Bharat Jodi Yatra of Congress has started from Kanyakumari, which will go till Kashmir. In this 148-day journey, many Congress workers along with their veteran leaders will reach Kashmir on foot. The crowd of Congress workers in white clothes is continuously moving forward. Now there is a question in the minds of people regarding this Congress Jodo Yatra that after all, what arrangements have been made for the workers who are going on foot. What are their living arrangements and where do they stay. Also, you will know what facilities are being given to them by the Congress.

So today we tell you through the people involved in the India Jodo Yatra, how this journey is progressing and what help is being given to all the people involved in the journey.

How many people were involved in the trip?

There are 117 members in the Yatra, who are permanent members, who go on this journey continuously. Along with them, veteran Congress leaders also go along with it, including many leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh or Jairam Ramesh. Apart from this, some workers join for some time, who stay together till a particular state or district or region. Whereas 117 workers are always together and these include workers from every state.

Does everyone walk?

Congress leader Shatrughan Sharma, who was involved in the yatra, told that everyone walks on foot. He told, ‘Even Congress leader Rahul Gandhi constantly walks with the workers. This entire journey will be completed on foot. People go to a place and stay there and after rest their journey starts again from there.

How much commuters walk everyday?

Those who are constantly walking in the Congress Jodo Yatra, they walk an average of about 25 kilometers every day. All the leaders walk 25 kilometers in a day. The journey starts in the morning and everyone rests throughout the day. After this, the journey starts again at around 3-4 o’clock and the Congress workers are continuously moving forward. Right now the journey is in Kerala only.

How many days will the journey last?

Let us tell you that this journey will last for 148 days and it is believed that this time can be extended even further. That is, this journey to reach Kashmir in 5 months can now take up to 6 months.

Where do people live?

Now you know where so many people live. On this, Shatrughan Sharma said that good arrangements have been made for all the people to live. No hotel or Dharamshala etc. is booked for overnight stay every day. For this, Congress has made a place for everyone to stay in the truck container. All these containers have ACs and beds. These containers are allotted to everyone and everyone goes to sleep in their designated container. These containers keep moving along the journey.

What is the arrangement for food and drink?

Complete arrangements for food and drink have been made by the Congress. At the same time, Congress workers in every district and every state also make special arrangements, due to which the people involved in the yatra do not face any problem. Along with this, keeping in mind the health, the ambulance also accompanies and if anyone has any problem, they are treated. Along with this, if someone’s health deteriorates, then they are allowed to walk.

Does everyone even get money?

Many people have questions that when the journey will go on for 5 months, then what will happen to the income of the worker involved. So the answer is that no financial help will be officially given by the party to the people involved in the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

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