Where 90 percent of the people eat non-veg… why is the Netherlands still moving away from meat?

Due to a decision made in Haarlem, a city in the Netherlands, it seems that now the Netherlands is moving away from meat. The Netherlands has indicated that now the use of meat should be reduced in some way or the other. In fact, in view of the increase in meat production in Harlem, it has been decided to ban meat advertisements. Now many people are praising this decision, so there is anger among the farmers there.

In such a situation, let us try to understand why the Netherlands is now moving away from meat and understand in detail what has been decided in this Dutch city…

What decision has been taken regarding meat?

In this city of the Netherlands, it has been decided that from the year 2014 all public advertising of meat in Haarlem will be banned. After this, there will be no advertisements of meat in buses, bus shelters, public hoardings. It is believed that this is the first city in the world which has taken such a big step against the advertisement of meat. The aim of the ban is to reduce the desire of people to buy meat and hence cut down on the consumption of meat. Now there is no talk of banning meat, now only its advertisement is being talked about.

How many people eat meat in the Netherlands?

Meat is used in large quantities in the Netherlands. According to a report by Dutch Central, 95 percent of Dutch people eat meat and 20 percent of these people consume meat every day. Now efforts are being made to reduce this percentage a bit.

Why is Netherlands moving away from meat?

The Netherlands has taken this decision regarding climate change. This debate has been going on in every corner of the country for a long time that the use of meat should be reduced and how meat is affecting the climate. In such a situation, the Netherlands is taking this decision because of this.

How does meat affect the environment?

Many scientists and experts have been linking non-vegetarian food to climate change. They argue that meat affects the world’s carbon footprint. Also, according to a UN report, the meat industry and animal husbandry are the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions. It has been revealed in many researches that the problem of planet heating is increasing due to global food production.

Explain that the forests that absorb carbon dioxide are cut down for the grazing of animals, due to which there is a shortage of trees. In addition, the fertilizers used to grow fodder are rich in nitrogen, which contribute to air and water pollution, climate change and ozone problems. Methane gas is also increasing from more livestock and it is a greenhouse gas.

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