When the murderer was given death sentence for the first time by poisonous injection and the heartbeat stopped

The date of December 7, 1982 was important in the history of America, when for the first time such a punishment was given to a convict which attracted worldwide discussion. Charles Brooks Jr., convicted of murder, was sentenced to death by lethal injection. Charles murdered an auto mechanic named David Gregory. On being proved guilty during the trial, he was sentenced to death. After this incident, the question arose that how humane is this method of death?

Know how that death injection showed effect, when that method of punishment was criticized, what was the argument given and who executed the punishment…

Body, mind, heartbeat all stopped…

A cocktail of special drugs was prepared to sentence Brooks to death by injection. Brooks was given that poisonous injection in Texas city of America. As soon as the injection took place, his mind and body started becoming numb rapidly. He started getting paralyzed and died due to heart failure. After this punishment, the question arose that how justified is it to give such a death?

Green signal given after doctors protest

After the conviction of Books, the question arose whether this process of giving death by using poisonous injection was humane or not. A debate started between the common citizens and the doctors regarding this. During the debate, it was argued that such drugs have been used in this injection which takes a person into deep unconsciousness. The person dying in this does not feel pain. However, many doctors were against this method of punishment. Despite this, this method of capital punishment was considered acceptable.

The reasoning behind continuing this type of punishment was also given that giving someone a poisonous injection is more humane than gas, electric shock or hanging, because this punishment of hanging does not cause pain to the convict.

the one who injected is not a doctor

Texas Daily journalist Dick Reavis published his 1983 Report It was written in, this was happening for the first time in the history of America when such a person was giving death injection to the guilty who did not even have a degree in medicine or medicine. He was neither a physician nor a pharmacologist. Brooks was sentenced to death in a small prison cell.

Woody Loudres was also sentenced to death in the murder case in which Brooks was sentenced. Woody’s sentence was later reduced, but Brooks’ sentence was upheld. Even after all the controversies and debates, this method of giving death to the guilty continued.

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