When the Mughal prince was arrested for falling in love with his aunt’s maid!

This is the story of a time when mughal emperor It was the rule of Shah Jahan. His son Aurangzeb must have been about 35 years old then. Shah Jahan made him the governor of the Deccan. On his way to Aurangabad, he passed through Burhanpur, where his aunt Suhela Bano used to live. The prince went to meet his aunt. It has been written in the book ‘Masar-al-Umrah’ that the prince had fallen in love with his aunt’s maid.

It so happened that Aurangzeb was walking in Bagh Ahu Khana of Jainabad in Burhanpur and on the other hand his aunt was also walking with her maids. One of his maids ‘Jainabadi’ was very beautiful and there was a magic in her singing too. Some mangoes were hanging on a tree in the garden itself. When everyone passed by, that maid jumped and plucked a mango. Then he neither cared about the prince nor about his aunt.

According to the BBC report, Suhela Bano felt bad about this. On the other hand, the maid saw that the prince was looking at her, so she went ahead holding the pashwaj. There was some anger, some style in her eyes lying on the prince. The prince got arrested in the love of that maid right here. The real name of that maid ‘Jainabadi’ was – Hirabai.

… and the prince fainted

The prince had already seen the beauty of Hirabai. Her singing also reached the ears of the prince, when Hirabai was humming in a low voice holding a branch under a tree. Hamiduddin Khan, who wrote the biography of Aurangzeb, has mentioned this incident in his book. He wrote that the prince could not control himself after seeing the maid Hirabai. He sat there and then fell unconscious.

Seeing the prince, the aunt came running and started crying. When asked, Aurangzeb said, this has never happened to him before. The prince said – You have the cure for my disease. Aunt said – I can die for you. When the prince told her the whole thing, the aunt was stunned.

Aunt said – I can sacrifice myself for you, but you do not know my husband. He is a ferocious man. On hearing about your relationship with Hirabai, he will kill her first and then me. To find a way out, the prince discussed with his confidant Murshid Quli Khan. Messages were sent from here to there. That maid from Haram should be handed over to Aurangzeb.

At last Hirabai was found!

Although many historians disagree with such incidents. According to historian Jadunath Sarkar, ‘Aurangzeb’s only love was ‘Hirabai’, who was a Kashmiri Hindu and was sold by her parents in the market. She used to sing and dance at Khan-e-Zaman’s place.

It is mentioned in the Masar-al-Umra that Aurangzeb had obtained Hirabai by pleading with his aunt. At the same time, according to ‘Ehkam-e-Alamgiri’, when Aurangzeb wanted to take Hirabai from his aunt’s husband (Mausa), he demanded Chitrabai from him in return. This is how the exchange took place.

Since the time of Mughal emperor Akbar, it was being followed that the names of the women of the royal harem should not be made public and even if they are named, their past should not be known from where they came from and joined the royal harem. According to Jadunath Sarkar, Hirabai was later renamed as ‘Jainabadi Mahal’.

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