When the Jats had filled the Taj Mahal with straw, there were many attacks too! Have you ever heard these stories of Taj?

From social media to political corridors, Taj Mahal (Tajmahal Stories) is being discussed. Actually, these days many types of claims are being made about the Taj Mahal, due to which the Taj Mahal has once again come in the news. First, issuing a petition in the court, the Taj Mahal (Tajmahal History) Claims were made about the rooms, then the daughter of Jaipur royal family and BJP MP Diya Kumari claimed that the Taj Mahal was built on the land of the Jaipur royal family and that Shah Jahan had occupied the land of the Jaipur royal family. Apart from this, things have already been said about having a temple instead of Taj Mahal.

Not only this, apart from this, many types of claims are being made regarding the property of Taj Mahal. So today we are telling you about those claims, which are being made for many years and telling about those popular stories, in which many claims are made about the Taj Mahal. So know every single thing related to it…

There are many stories about Surajmal

When the Taj Mahal is being talked about, at that time the claims from many sections have also increased. A section is circulating information on social media that earlier the Taj Mahal was in the possession of the Jat and Raja Surajmal of Bharatpur. Maharaja Surajmal ji had conquered the fort of Agra after fighting a war for a month. After this, when the Taj Mahal was conquered, other kings advised Maharaja Surajmal to demolish the Taj Mahal. However, instead of demolishing the Taj Mahal, he got horses tied in it and kept the fodder. Let us tell you that in 1761, Maharaja Surajmal defeated the 30 thousand Mughal army and conquered the Agra Fort. This incident is told during that time.

Jats had filled the straw

Apart from this, it is said that in the year 1907, the Jats of Bharatpur attacked the Taj Mahal. They took away the main gate of the Taj Mahal, which was covered with layers of silver. It is said that there were gold and silver coins on it. During that time the Jats had filled the Taj Mahal with straw and made it a stable.

Have you been attacked many times?

Apart from this, claims are also made that the Taj Mahal has also been attacked. It is said that during the Indian freedom struggle of 1857, the Taj Mahal was a victim of plunder. The invaders dug out the precious stones embedded inside it like Lajvarta etc.

There are many stories of selling this too.

It is said in many reports that once a plan was made to sell the Taj Mahal and choose the government’s debt. Lord William Batink, the then Governor of Bengal, put the Taj on auction for this and made a plan to collect revenue by selling its precious marble. But, due to some reasons the auction could not take place and the Taj Mahal was saved from collapse. Along with this, many types of claims are also made about breaking the grave.

The story of falling is also told

It is also said that the Taj Mahal was saved from falling during the Second World War. It is reported that during this time a British Air Force cargo plane collided with the main dome of the Taj, the plane was filled with highly flammable fuel. Had he collided, the situation could have been different today.