When terrorists hijacked Indian plane, the pilot saved the lives of 66 passengers like this

Date – 10 September 1976 and Place – Delhi Palam Airport, with 66 passengers Indian airline K Boeing 737 took off from Palam Airport. The command to fly the aircraft was in the hands of Commander BN Reddy and co-pilot RS Yadav. This plane was to reach Mumbai via Jaipur and Aurangabad. Everything was going well and there was a plan to take the passengers to Mumbai on time.

The plane had traveled about 56 km when suddenly two terrorists entered the cockpit. Threatened by putting a gun on the forehead of Pilot Yadav. Said – raise your hand, we have hijacked this plane. Don’t move or you will be killed. Take this plane to Libya. Meanwhile, another terrorist takes a hand grenade and shows it to the passengers and says that if anyone tries to manipulate, he will be killed.

Due to this sudden incident, the pilot did not understand what to do. During this, the pilot made a plan to escape from the terrorists.According to media reports, the terrorist had hijacked the plane to attract the attention of the world in the case of Kashmir.

When the pilot’s understanding saved the lives of 66 passengers

Hearing about the plane being taken to Libya, the pilot told the terrorist that there was not enough fuel to cover such a distance. After saying this, the plane landed in Lahore, Pakistan. Not only this, the pilot also talked about the absence of maps and navigation system in Lahore.

Meanwhile, the pilot, avoiding the terrorist, contacted the Pakistani authorities. Anesthesia was found in the food sent by Pakistani officials to the terrorists. After eating which the terrorists fainted and all were arrested. The next day i.e. on September 11, the plane took off and returned to Palam Airport with all the passengers safely.

The incident of emergency became an example of relations between two countries.

The period in which this incident took place was the period of emergency, but in this rescue operation, the example of coordination between the government of India and Pakistan was given. During that period, with the help of the Pakistani authorities, the pilot turned down the plans of the terrorists. At that time this incident was very much discussed. This is not the first incident of plane hijacking in history, even after this many such incidents happened, but the way Indians were afraid of this incident during the Emergency, nothing went wrong. The wisdom of the pilot took the plane and the passengers safely from Lahore and took them to their destination. This incident was the subject of discussion all over the world.

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