When Rahat Indori had said in front of Jagjivan Ram … ‘I realized that I am more beautiful than someone’

Famous poet Rahat Indori was a Bollywood lyricist and a famous poet of Urdu language. He was liked because of reciting his maybe in a special tone. Often many such things happened in his mushairas, which became a story forever. The special thing about Rahat Indori was that he used to do a lot of satire in his Mushaira as well, due to which people liked him. One such anecdote is that of a Mushaira of his Banaras, associated with Bihar’s veteran Dalit leader Babu Jagjivan Ram.

So today we tell you that story, in which he joked with Babu Jagjivan Ram in such a way that that story is remembered even today. So know what happened in that Mushaira of Banaras…

Let us tell you that a Mushaira of Banaras is very famous, in which Jagjivan Ram was the guest. During this, something happened that whenever Rahat Indori was reminded of this Mushaira, a smile came on his face. This story has also been mentioned in a book named Kalandar, in which it has been told that Rahat Indori has often narrated this anecdote. It was the habit of Rahat Indori that he used to talk in the middle of poetry.

He did the same in the Mushaira of Banaras, where Jagjivan Ram was the guest. During that time Rahat Indori’s eyes fell on Jagjivan Ram’s face and it came out from his mouth, ‘Let me realize today, I am more beautiful than someone or something.’ He said, ‘Hazrat! I am very happy since yesterday. In fact, he used to be embarrassed and ashamed because of his complexion. But I got a chance to read Mushaira in the Sadarat of Babu Jagjivan Ram Naib Wazir-e-Azam. If you keep his color in mind, then I am a decent man. I am very happy after seeing Babu ji.

After this Bashir Badr was doing the nizamat and he immediately said – Jagjivan Ram sahib was also very happy that there are poets in his community. Years later, Rahat Indori met Babu Janjivan Ram again, but everything had changed. Those who were practicing Mushaira in Banaras, now a Kavi Sammelan was being held in their memory. In the presence of Manmohan Singh and Babuji’s daughter Meira Kumar in April 2018, Rahat Indori lit up and Banaras was visible again.

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