When Akbar was fascinated by his own sheikh’s daughter-in-law, got divorced and included in harem

About 5000 women were present in Akbar’s harem. Historian Qadir Badayuni writes that these were women whose status was different from that of his Begum. History recorded in Jahangirnama says that the Mughal emperor Akbar had 25 wives, but mainly three, Rukaiya Sultan, Salima Sultan and Maharani Hira Kunwar.

Every woman’s participation in Akbar’s harem had its own story. Like Sarkar Sheikh’s daughter-in-law. He too has a story of his own.

When the news of the nuisance was received during the hunt

Emperor Akbar had come near Mathura to hunt deer. During the hunt, he got information that the situation in Delhi is not normal. The riot has started. As soon as he got this information, he left for Delhi with the soldiers. Spent some time in Agra. During his stay, he thought that why not the nobles of Delhi and Agra should be connected with their princely state.

In this connection, Akbar met Sardar Sheikh Badah of Agra for discussion. This is the time when the foundation of political-diplomatic relations was laid through marriages. The same thing happened in Agra. Sardar Sheikh agreed to join the emperor. As soon as this discussion became common in the city, there was chaos. This news was disturbing for the rich of the city, as the pressure on them increased.

Subar’s walk and lady’s sight

One day during his stay in Agra, the emperor, who was taking a morning walk, caught sight of the wife of the same Sheikh Badah’s son Abd-ul-Basi. Begum was very beautiful. Seeing her, Akbar insisted on marriage. After getting information about that woman, Akbar sent a letter to Sheikh.

It is clearly written in the letter that he wants to marry that woman. After reading this, the sky broke on the father and son. There was anger and resentment in both, but it was not in their power to oppose Akbar. One reason for not protesting was the Mughal law.

Mughal law was also increasing the difficulties

At that time, Mughal law was in effect, which said that if the emperor had a keen eye on a woman, her husband was bound to divorce her. The same thing happened in the case of Sheikh. His son eventually had to divorce his wife. After divorcing his wife, he had to leave the city and move to the Deccan state. His wife came and got lost in the king’s harem like all other women.

Such incidents were common in those times when emperors used to ruin people’s lives for their luxuries and forcibly divorced. Abdul Qadir Badayuni, a contemporary historian of the Mughal emperor Akbar, has mentioned this in his book ‘Muntakhab-ut-Tawarikh’.

When swords were drawn for the women of the harem

Qadir Badayuni writes, the harem of the Mughals was always a matter of curiosity for people coming from abroad. Historian Thomas Roe writes that in the Mughals, women of different religions and cultures were present in the harem. It was also known as a symbol of their luxury. Women were not allowed to come out of their own free will. His only job was to stay behind the scenes all day and keep the emperor happy.

The courtiers had the right to take the women of the harem, but with the permission of the emperor. There have also been some women in the harem, who had even drawn swords to the courtiers to take them home.

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