When accused of getting citizenship by taking money, read the affair and controversies of King Charles of Britain

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son Prince Charles has become the new King of Britain. He will be called as King Charles-III. At the same time, his wife Catherine will now be called Duchess of Cornwall. Charles has been a member of the royal family whose many stories of love and controversy became famous. Which was discussed not only in Britain but all over the world.

Although Charles was married to Diana Spencer, 13 years younger, on July 24, 1981, but Charles had an affair with an already married woman named Camilla Parker Bolz. It is said that Diana knew this and wanted to break the marriage, but she could not dare to take the big step of going against the royal family.

Despite divorce from Diana and marriage to Camilla, there was a long list of affair

Prince Charles and Diana eventually divorced in 1996. After this Camilla got married. Although even after this marriage, Charles’s name was associated with many women and he remained in the discussion. These include Georgiana Rachel, daughter of the British Ambassador to Spain, Arthur Wellesley, model Fiona Watson, Lady Jane Wellesley, daughter of the Duke of Wellington, including Davina Sheffield, Lady Sarah Spencer, Princess Maria Astrid of Luxembourg and many other women.

Name surfaced in getting citizenship by taking money

Charles has a charity of his own, named Prince of Wales Charitable Fund. It has been alleged on Charles that his organization has done the work of giving citizenship to the rich by taking money from them. Last year, this matter came into the limelight when well-known UK newspapers ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘The Sunday Times’ gave information about this whole matter. The report told how Prince Charles’s organization is working to give knighthood honor and citizenship by taking money from people of other countries.

Not only this, it has also been mentioned in the report to give proof of this. In the report, such documents related to a citizen of Saudi Arabia were presented which confirmed this. When the matter came to the fore, Charles had to resign from a senior position in his organization.

Donation received from terrorist bin Laden’s family accepted

Not only did Charles’ name come up in the case of giving citizenship by taking money, but many other allegations were made. It is alleged that Charles accepted donations from the family of terrorist Osama bin Laden in 2013. Prince Charles met in London with bin Laden’s half-brothers Sheikh Bakar and Shafiq bin Laden. One million pounds was taken during the meeting.

Allegations of hiding money in an offshore company

Charles’ name also appeared in the Paradise Papers document. The report said that Charles hid his money in an offshore company. This was the company that works on the issue of climate change.

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