What were those ‘actions’ that made humans the most developed species from primitive humans?

Homo sapiens was described as the most intelligent and last surviving species of humans. How did they become so developed and worth thinking about, scientists have given the answer in their recent research. Research says, many such evidences have been found which show that 7 lakh 80 thousand years ago, the primitive man changed his way of living, which cleared the way for the present species of humans to settle down.

Researchers say, our ancestors started cooking while bringing changes in their lives. For this he started using his mind. This marked the beginning of his development. Not only this, along with preparing food, primitive humans also started eating it sitting in a group. It became part of their tradition.

How interesting information was found

Matt Sponheimer, an anthropologist at the University of Colorado, who has studied the diet of early humans, says that the story of the development of humans truly began when they started eating food. Publish research in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution says, this research has been done on the basis of things found from the ancient lake in Israel’s Geshen Benot Ya’akov.

According to Israel’s Tel Aviv University professor and researcher Irit Johar, the things found here show that this place was once home to primitive humans. This ancient species of extinct humans used to walk straight.

75 percent of the food was cooked in the fire and eaten

According to Nama, the researcher involved in the research, many things have come to the fore in the excavation done here in the last several years. For example, fish teeth have been found here. Ancient humans used to cook them by burning fire, proofs have also been found for this. When the teeth of the fish were examined, it was found that the fishes were cooked and eaten on low flame.

The research concluded that three-fourths of the food that the primitive humans used to eat was cooked through fire. This predates the earliest evidence of cooking, suggesting that Stone Age humans ate burnt roots in South Africa.

movements that developed the body

Archaeologist David Brown of George Washington University says, when primitive humans started eating food cooked on fire, it started digesting better in the body. In this way they started getting more nutrients. Cooking has become a habit of his. This gave him more energy. This affected his mind. His ability to think and understand started increasing. As a result, his body and mind developed rapidly. About 20 lakh years ago, this quality had developed in them. In the study conducted in 2010, it was revealed that 12 thousand years ago, they used to eat with the group in the cave of Israel. Proofs of this were also found.

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