What is there in the Chinese spying ship heading towards Sri Lanka that threatens India?

Chinese ship Yuan Wang-5 Sri Lanka Of hambantota port moving towards. Sri Lanka has allowed him to come to his country. This has become a cause of concern for India because it is not a common ship. This satellite and missile tracking system Equipped with. The surprising thing is that India has objected to this matter, but Sri Lanka, which is facing financial crisis, has refused to stop this ship.

The Chinese ship Yuvan Wang-5 will reach Sri Lanka between August 11 and 17. However, India is constantly monitoring this. In such a situation, the question arises that why the spying Chinese ship is a matter of concern for India and what are its merits.

How much threat to India from spying Chinese ship?

The Chinese ship will stop at Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka. This port is only a few kilometers away from the South Indian state of India. This Chinese ship goes to spy. According to media reports, Sri Lanka is going through its worst phase so far. The entry of a Chinese ship by Sri Lanka is also considered a step to improve the economic situation. This move of Sri Lanka can become a threat to India.

Hambantota port built by taking loan from China, the ship will stay here

The Hindu report says, earlier Sri Lanka had categorically denied the arrival of this ship. Now that ship has been confirmed to move towards Hambantota Port. Why Sri Lanka had done this earlier, it has not yet clarified the reason for this. The surprising thing is that the Hambantota port where the Chinese warship will stay has been built by Sri Lanka by taking a loan from China.

What is there in a Chinese ship that can become difficult for India?

The Chinese ship Yuan Wang-5 is known for its search and exploration. It is equipped with many state-of-the-art technology.According to the Economic Times report, the air range of this Chinese ship is more than 750 km. Such a distance is enough to keep an eye on the nuclear research centers inside the Indian border including the southern states of India like Kalpakkam, Koodankulam. It also has satellite and missile tracking systems, which help it in spying. That’s why it can prove to be a problem for India.

China built this ship in 2007 for espionage. This ship is 222 meters long and 25.2 meters wide. This is the third most upgraded version of the Yuan Wang series. It has been prepared by the Chinese company Jiangyin Shipyard. Through this ship, China wants to capture the Indian Ocean.

Why will the Hambantota part stop?

Col Nalin Herath, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Sri Lanka, says that the Chinese ship will stop at Hambantota Port for oil filling. After this it will leave for the Indian Ocean. Through this ship, China will collect many important information by doing research in the Indian Ocean.

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