What is the work of the Kashmir Committee in the Parliament of Turkey? Who is defaming India before the G-20 summit?

What is the work of the Kashmir Committee in the Parliament of Turkey?  Who is defaming India before the G-20 summit?

Turkey The Parliament of Turkiye called a special session a few days ago… not to discuss whether Turkey’s economy is going down the drain, the growth rate is expected to be less than 3 percent or the rate of inflation is a record 85 percent. had reached but to discuss that from Turkey 4,636 Atrocities are happening on Muslims in a country kilometers away. In this special session, it was decided that a committee should be formed to raise the voice of Kashmir in India. when this news Pakistan When it reached, there was no place for happiness in the political circles. Then it was time to thank Turkey.

By now you must have understood that Pakistan and Turkey are working together to make the issue of Kashmir a molehill, but today I am going to tell you that this matter is not as it seems. Rather, this whole game is being done to tarnish the image of India.

Actually, India is continuously organizing important global conferences or as a big player. India is a global organization with worldwide reputation G-20 Is presiding over the Presidency and is vigorously organizing the summit this year. And this thing is really troubling a section of Islamic countries. The faction in which two countries are coming forward more intensely… these are Turkey and Pakistan.

Why is Turkey worried about Kashmir?

Now we understand why Turkey is after Kashmir leaving the Muslims who are suffering from inflation and living in poverty in their own country?…. See, there are two reasons for this. First That Turkey’s President Ardoan sees himself as the leader of the Sunni world. And Second Reason- Turkey aspires to become the leader of not only the Middle East but of the entire Muslim countries.

Turkish President Erdogan keeps an eye on incidents allegedly against Muslims and gets involved in his mission wherever he gets a chance. Turkey, on the other hand, has been trying to become a big player for decades. On the one hand, its eyes are on helping the countries of Europe and America, and on the other hand, it is also engaged in the process of creating a separate block within the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) organization of Muslim countries.

Turkey has started worshiping Pakistan and Malaysia. And this block of Islamic countries has left no stone unturned to raise the pitch of Kashmir to tarnish the image of India. Pakistan keeps raising the issue of Kashmir. But everyone’s connivance was seen in this when Malaysia also lodged an objection to the removal of Article 370 and 35A and former President Mahathir Mohammad said in the UN that India has forcibly occupied Kashmir.

OIC also included in Anti India Narrative!

Now it is a matter of Anti India Narrative by a different block inside OIC, but on the other hand OIC is also continuously trying to surround India on Kashmir issue. An example of this is the PoK visit of OIC Secretary General General H. Brahim Taha in December 2022. On this visit, the OIC Secretary General said that all the countries of the organization should unite so that the issue of Kashmir can be raised and resolved. Kashmir is the biggest issue for us. In response to which India also bluntly said that OIC has lost its credibility by doing such things.

timing is important

whether recently BBC Be it the documentary made on Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Turkey’s Kashmir Committee or OIC’s statements, the timing of all these incidents is a matter to be noted. All these things only and only indicate that the foreign conspiracy is engaged in its work. So that in the coming time, when India is presiding over the G-20, then by raising the Kashmir issue or by attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the image of India can be tarnished so that India can appear lighter on global forums.

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