What is the story of Buddha pendant found in Mohenjodara, how the marks of Lord Buddha in Indus Valley Civilization?

mohenjodaro after heavy rain in Lord Buddha A damaged statue of a thing has been found. This ‘Buddha Pendant’ is being said. Mohenjodaro, which was a part of undivided India, falls in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Not much information has been found about when the pendant found there is from. Experts’ opinion has been sought to find out about its construction period. This pendant of Lord Buddha was found on August 3 from the southern Dixit area of ​​Mohenjodaro.

Ali Haider, senior conservationist of the Department of Archeology, has confirmed that this unique object has come to the fore due to heavy rains. Pakistani media DawnAccording to the report, Irshad Ahmed, a resident of village Dhanad, which is near a place of archaeological importance, had found this pendant. Irshad is a tourist guide. He said that he had received this item after heavy rains, which he informed the patron of the archaeological site, Naveed Sangha.

Identified as Buddha pendant

Mohan Lal, who was the Chief Engineer of the Department of Archeology and Museums and is presently the Project Director of Endovement Fund Trust, after examining this rare object, has primarily identified it as a Buddha pendant. He called it a rare find. He says that this pendant can be used to carry forward the anonymous history of Mohenjodaro. However, for this further study will be needed.

Mohenjodaro is a civilization thousands of years older than Lord Buddha!

Mohenjodaro was once a city situated on the banks of Indus river in Sindh province of Pakistan. It is considered to be the oldest urban system in the world. It is about 4000 years old city, which was discovered in 1922 by Indian archaeologist RD Banerjee and his team. Then it was a part of India itself. Whereas the birth of Lord Buddha is said to be 563 BC after thousands of years.

According to a BBC report, Mohenjodaro means ‘the mound of the dead’. It has been a major city of the Indus Valley Civilization, which was systematically settled. At that time all the amenities needed were available here. The houses built here also had toilets and bathrooms made of solid bricks. There was a drainage system and the drains passing through the road were covered with bricks. Spread over 618 acres, it is said to be the largest and best preserved center of the Indus Civilization (2600–1900 BC).

Indus Valley Civilization or Buddhist Civilization?

Now the question is also that Lord Buddha was born on 563 BC, while Mohenjodaro was settled thousands of years before his time, so how is this civilization related to Lord Buddha. While sharing the news of Dawn on Facebook, senior journalist Dilip Mandal wrote,

You must have read in school books that the remains of the Indus Valley Civilization were found for the first time during the excavation of the Buddhist Stupa at Mohenjodaro. It is discussed among oriental historians all over the world. This statue can conclusively prove that the Indus Valley Civilization is, in fact, a Buddhist civilization and that Tathagata Gautama Buddha was another Buddha of the Buddha tradition.

A debate has broken out on social media about this and different types of reactions are coming about it. However, archaeologists say that something can be said in detail only after studying this pendant.

Experts will solve the mystery

A senior official of the Culture Department says that this item looks like a pendant to be worn around the neck. He says that finding pendants at this place may be a rare find. Although he said that whether it is made of bronze or any other material, only experts can tell about it. Only experts will be able to tell its historical value.

Mohenjodaro’s patron Naveed Sangha says that we have contacted an expert working in the Department of Culture to know about the construction and age of the object. Ali Haider Garhi, a senior conservationist in the department, said the small statue has come to the fore due to heavy rains. It will be studied in detail.

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