What is the Bru agreement on which Home Minister Amit Shah discussed, understand everything in 5 points

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday discussed the Bru Accord with Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha. He took information related to the rehabilitation program of the people of Bru tribe. The Bru agreement was signed in January 2020, after which people displaced from Mizoram are being given housing in Tripura.

At present, the number of such families in Tripura has reached 6,959 and their population has reached 37,136. A total of 3,696 Bru community families have been rehabilitated so far. Preparations are being made for other families.

What is Bru Accord, who are the people of Bru tribe and why are the displaced people from Mizoram being given place in Tripura? Know the answers to these questions in 5 points…

  1. Who are the Bru refugees: The people of Bru tribe are basically tribals of Mizoram. There was violence in Mizoram in 1996. After this the people of this community took shelter in Doburi village of Kanchanpura block of Tripura. Since this incident, he was fighting for his housing and rights. Seeing their situation, a step was taken to give relief, which came to be known as Bru Pact.
  2. What is Bru Agreement: In January 2020, an agreement was reached between Tripura, Mizoram, the central government and representatives of the Bru community. Under the agreement, it was decided to settle them in Tripura itself. For this, they were told to get all the necessary facilities from the government. This includes all basic facilities ranging from ration, housing, education to them. What is the present situation of settlement and what is the rehabilitation status of the people of Bru community, on Tuesday, Home Minister Amit Shah took information from Tripura CM Manik Saha.
  3. What is the current situation: According to the Indian Express report, a package has been issued by the government for each such family. There are a total of 6,959 families of Bru community in Tripura. Their total population is 37,136. So far 3,696 families have been rehabilitated. Preparations are on for others. Housing construction work has been completed for 2407 families.
  4. 600 crore package was released:The government had issued a rehabilitation package of about Rs 600 crore for the Bru refugees. However, when the talk of settling them in Tripura came to the fore, the local people opposed them. There was a violent agitation, but the government stood by its word.
  5. Preparing official documents: In the report, the Ministry of Home Affairs says, the process of including permanent certificate, Scheduled Tribe certificate, Aadhar card and name in voter list for Bru refugees in Tripura is going on. The government says that efforts are on to settle Bru refugees in Tripura.

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