What is Patrol-e-Irshad, why is the anger against them increasing in Iran?

During the ongoing movement in Iran against Hijab, one word came to the discussion- ‘Gasht-e-Irshad’, Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdistan girl, was taken into custody for not wearing a hijab properly. He died in custody and anti-government protests in Iran became more violent. The protests started against Iran’s hijab law, but later the Islamic Republic and the current regime have also come under attack. So far there have been reports of clashes in more than 80 cities of Iran.

Mahsa Amini was arrested by Iran’s Morality Police. The family alleges that a police officer hit Mahsa on the head with a stick and slammed her on a vehicle. After Mahsa’s death, many other Iranian women have accused the police of excesses. People’s anger against Iran’s Morality Police is increasing. This Morality Police is Patrol-e-Irshad.

What is Patrol-e-Irshad?

The Morality Police in Iran is called Patrol-e-Irshad. Their job is to follow the dress under Islamic laws in public places. That is, to follow the proper dress code and the rules related to them. Patrol-e-Irshad is said to be part of the Iranian government. In Iran, according to Islamic law, it is the responsibility of the Patroll-e-Irshad ie Morality Police to follow the rules related to dress, including religious rules and regulations.

It is the responsibility of the Morality Police to ensure that Iranian women strictly follow the laws related to the hijab. Morality police take women into custody for negligence in following hijab laws. Mehsa Amini was also accused by the police of not wearing the hijab properly. For this reason, the Morality Police had taken him into custody.

Iran’s hijab law

A law was passed in Iran in 1981 regarding the hijab. After the Islamic Revolution in 1978-79, the hijab was made compulsory for women under a law passed in 1981. Under Section 638 of the Islamic Penal Code, it is also an offense for any woman to leave the house without wearing a hijab in public life. The Iranian government is so fanatical about this law that it is trying to install face recognition technology in public transport vehicles to strictly follow it.

Morality Police Guidelines

Under the guidelines of the Patroll-e-Irshad or Morality Police, girls and women crossing adolescence in Iran are required to wear scarves on their heads in public places and also wear loose clothes. However, there is no mention of the exact age of girls in this law. Hijab is mandatory in schools from the age of seven. However, the rule of public places is not applicable to them. Morality Police has its own guidelines for hijab.

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