What is GSI, due to which China has to face many countries

Many world leaders are involved in the SCO Summit being held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. One of the most important international events in Asia, China has had to face this summit. Actually, China has put its agenda of GSI in front of the world, but many countries have refused to cooperate for it. This has dealt a special blow to China and its agenda. China has long wanted to set its agenda in Asia regarding this agenda.

Other countries do not seem to be supporting this agenda of China. Earlier also China did not get good response from other countries regarding this agenda and now when China wanted to raise its agenda in SCO summit, China did not get much response there too. Let us tell you that even in the SCO summit, most of the countries do not agree. This is considered a major setback for China’s policies at the global level. In such a situation, we know what this GSI is and how China has got a setback about it.

What is GAI?

The GSI is, in a way, China’s military agenda. Actually, China wants to create a military organization in Asia, whose name is GSI i.e. Global Security Initiative. China is trying to pit it against the Quad and increase its dominance in Asia. China wants that now the Asian country should agree to this. By the way, India has already refused for this.

China has put pressure on many countries

China has already put pressure on many countries for this. Like China has many times pressurized the small country Nepal to agree to it. Recently, Chinese officials have claimed that Nepal is supporting GSI. But, no formal statement has been issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal in this regard.

Why does China want to make this?

Now the question is why does he want to make it. Actually, China is aiming to create an Asian security infrastructure. China feels that NATO, a military alliance of Western countries, is trying to expand the Asia-Pacific region. In such a situation, China wants to make GSI along with Asian countries. Along with this, he also wants to do the same to reduce the dominance of Quad.

Even though China claims that it wants to establish peace with this, but experts are not agreeing with this. China feels that America is a threat to world peace and in such a situation, China is trying to fix the problems created by America.

What is Quad?

Let us tell you that Quad i.e. Quadrilateral Security Dialogue is a forum, in which four countries of the world US, Australia, India and Japan are involved. The objective of the Quad is to work for a free, open, prosperous and inclusive Indo Pacific region.

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