What happens in the body when someone is infected with the Longya virus? These are the symptoms

What happens in the body when someone is infected with the Longya virus?  These are the symptoms

In a few years, the corona virus came out of China and it created an outcry in the whole world. India was also greatly affected by the corona virus and this virus is not over yet. Right now people are dying due to corona virus continuously in India and cases are coming out from most corners of the country. The havoc of the corona virus is not over yet and now a new virus has been found in China. The name of this new virus is Longya virus.

Research on Langya virus is still going on. It is being ascertained now that how dangerous this virus is going to be for people and if this virus infects someone, then what changes can happen in the body. In such a situation, we know what is Langya virus and what information has come out about it so far…

What is Langya virus?

More than 30 people have been infected with this virus that came to China. Right now this virus has been found only in animals. In China, these viruses are being confirmed in about 5 percent of goats and dogs. Let us tell you that this is a type of Henipavirus, also known as Longya virus. This virus is believed to be new, due to which a lot of research is yet to be done on it. Along with this, there is no medicine or vaccine for this virus yet.

Why danger to humans?

Right now this virus spreading in animals is dangerous for humans because this virus can also enter from animals to humans. In such a situation, it is also considered dangerous for humans. It is being told that it was first detected in 2018 in Shandong, which is a city in China. After this it has been officially confirmed last week. The number of its cases in China is increasing continuously.

How does it infect?

As you have seen, corona virus was detected from throat and nose samples. The special thing is that this Longya virus has also been detected through samples taken from the throat. That is, it is related to the corona virus. At the same time, if we talk about its symptoms, then if there is constant fatigue in the body, there is no appetite and there is pain. In such a situation, it is said that if this virus enters the body, then such symptoms come. Apart from this, abnormalities in blood-cell, liver and kidney problems can also be its symptoms.

How dangerous is it?

So far no death has been reported from the Novel Langya virus. However, virologists consider it a biosafety level-4 virus, which means it has a potential mortality rate of 40-75 percent.

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