Was Rajaraja Chola not a Hindu… PS:1 Why was there a debate on his religion on the pretext of the film?

Recently a movie has been released- PS:1 i.e ‘ponnian selvan, The film is based on the great Chola Empire of Hindustan. The expansion of the Chola Empire and the strength of the navy have been shown well in the film. This film is the story of King Ponnian Selvan of the Chola Empire. Another great ruler of the Chola dynasty in the same film Rajaraja Chola is also discussed. Rajaraja Chola is considered one of the most majestic kings of this empire.

The film was released. He was called the great Hindu emperor. And then a debate broke out about his religion. National Award winning Tamil director Vetrimaaran said Rajaraja Chola was not a Hindu emperor. Famous actor Kamal Haasan has also supported his point. There has been such a debate about this that people have started looking for the religion of Rajaraja Chola.

What is the history of the Chola Empire, when was the Chola dynasty established, where was it, who did it, who was Rajaraja Chola… Let us try to know the answers to all these questions.

When and how was the establishment of the Chola dynasty?

The history of the Chola Empire is said to be more than 1000 years old. The foundation of this empire was laid on the banks of river Kaveri in South India. Tiruchirappalli was the capital of the Chola Empire. The emperors of the Chola Empire built many magnificent temples in South India. According to the history books, the Kaveri coast was ruled by a family named Muttiyar, which was under the Pallava kings of Kanchipuram. In 849 AD, the Chola dynasty chief Vijayalaya defeated the Muttiyars and captured this delta and thus established the Chola Empire.

Expansion of the Chola Empire and Rajaraja Chola

After the establishment of the Chola dynasty, Sardar Vijayalaya established the city of Thanjavur there. He also built a temple of Nishumbhasudini Devi. His successors conquered neighboring areas and expanded the boundaries of their empire. At that time the Pandyan and the Pallavas became a part of his empire. Rajaraja Chola I became the ruler of this kingdom in 985 AD. Rajaraja Chola also increased the empire and prestige of the Chola dynasty.

Chola kings built huge temples

Rajaraja Chola and his son Rajendra I built huge temples at Thanjapur and Gangaikondacholapuram. Rajaraja is considered great in Tamil culture. By 985-1014, Rajaraja Chola’s empire expanded greatly. His empire extended from Odisha to Maldives in the north and modern Sri Lanka in the south. The statues built under the patronage of the Chola Empire are counted among the finest artifacts in the world. Most of these idols are of deities and idols. The Chola kings also built the Brihadeshwara temple, the Rajarajeshwara temple. He ruled for about 500 years in South India.

Debate on Rajaraja Chola’s Religion

Rajaraja Chola is considered Hindu based on the construction of temples and the idols of gods and goddesses. But Kamal Haasan gives an argument for not considering him as a Hindu. They say that during Raja Raj Chola there was no such thing as Hinduism. At that time there were Vaishnavs, there were Shaivas. The British coined the term Hindu to express collectively. Just like changing Thoothukudi to Tuticorin.

Vetrimaaran says that cinema is for the common man and it is important to understand the politics behind it. Our symbols are being taken away from us continuously. Saffronisation of Thiruvalluvar and calling Rajaraja Chola a Hindu king are such examples.

Regarding Vaishnav and Shaivism, senior Pandit Dayanand Pandey of Kashi says that instead of Hinduism, the word Sanatan Dharma is also used. As far as the matter of Shaivism and Vaishnava is concerned, it would be more appropriate to call it a sect rather than a religion. Like Vaishnavas who believe in Vishnu are called Shaivas who believe in Shiva.

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