Video: The spacecraft flew into space carrying 6 tourists, see the thrill of speed faster than a bullet

One of the richest industrialists in the world amazon owning to Jeff Bezos company of blue origin launched its sixth New Shepard manned spacecraft. The company dispatched this vehicle from its launch site in Texas. Complete it in the video below space mission is shown. This spacecraft went about 100 km above the earth carrying six space tourists and then from there the capsule came back to earth through parachute.

This was the sixth tourist space campaign of Jeff Bezos’s company Blue Origin. This campaign to send people to space in the direction of space tourism was started last year. This campaign was launched by Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark. Three spacecraft were sent last year, while this year was the third space mission. Overall, this was the 22nd space mission in the last two decades.

faster than a bullet

This sixth tourist space mission of Blue Origin took a total of 10 minutes 20 seconds. During this, the maximum speed of the spacecraft was 2,239 mph i.e. 3603 km per hour.

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Who went to space?

Spacegoers on board the New Shepard spacecraft included Duet Perfect co-founder Cobb Cotton, British American mountaineer Vanessa O’Brien, technology leader client Kelly Third and telecommunications executive Steve Young. Apart from these, entrepreneur and investor Mario Ferreira was involved with Egyptian mechanical and biomedical engineer Sarah Sabri. Mario is the President of Pluris Investment Group.

Astronaut of Egyptian and Portuguese descent

Jeff Bezos’s company Blue Origin has set a new record with its third space tourism campaign this year. This is the first mission to send an astronaut of Portuguese origin into space. Mario Ferreira, who went to space with Egyptian mechanical and biomedical engineer Sarah Sabri, is the first Portuguese to go into space.

All six passengers before leaving for space

Excites space travel

Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital vehicle consists of a rocket and a capsule. The capsule is launched from the rocket. According to reports, each New Shepard mission lasts for about 11 minutes from liftoff until touchdown of the capsule, that is, to land back on Earth. Astronauts aboard this automated vehicle feel weightless for a few minutes.

During this, the passengers feel that they have become completely light. There is no weight in them. The rocket lands minutes before the capsule lands. The special thing is that both of these can be used again. This rocket works like SpaceX’s Falcon 9 orbital rocket.

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