TV9 EXCLUSIVE: Finding us difficult, not impossible

swagger (Snatchers) the more scary the world appears from afar. Looking inside it gives a feeling of even more fear than that. The victim then turns away from them after facing them. This swoop How scared are you of your own life? Only a few probably know this. TV9 Bharatvarsh tried to know the truth inside the world of snatchers, then many people got to know the surprising truth, which will make common man goosebumps. starting this series life of swagger Say it or reveal the hidden truth of their world, our aim is not to scare you. We want that if any of you ever sees someone standing in front of you getting trapped in their trap, then how can you cut that net and get out safely.

Let us know today that only some of the well-known snatchers of the country have spoken that after all, how can a human being recognize the snatchers? They should be confronted face to face or else, the opportunity should be avoided by changing the way. Do vicious swindlers give their prey a chance to do so? In an attempt to get answers to all these questions, we talked, Jhaptmar Babal alias Banta (name has been changed) living in a resettlement colony in East Delhi district of the capital of the country. Be it Jebtarash or Jhaptmar, it is its correct name. Don’t even tell in the gang). According to this snatch, “I know both Jebtarashi and Jhapattebaazi (snatching / snatching). I do it whenever I get the chance. It’s more of a swoon than pocket-cutting. The chances of getting caught in a jiffy are negligible. If luck is bad, then you are caught in one fell swoop.”

Understand the difference between a snare-pocket

According to Jhaptmar Banta, “In pocket-cutting, they are often caught. Public beats so differently. After that, also face the police station-outpost court. Responding to a question, it further said, “There is a big difference between a pocket cutter (pick pocketer) and a jhaptabaaz (used for snatchers in the people of this crime related world). We always need a crowd for cutting (Jebatrashi). Whereas we always need a secluded place for a swoop. During pocketcutting, we have to stay for a long time with the bande (the victim whose pocket is to be cut). Even then there is no guarantee that something will be caught (meaning that even after this it is not necessary to clean the hand on the pocket of the victim), while on the other hand, the risk of swooping (snatching) is negligible. We see the banda-bandi (male-female victim) and we get confused with the goods.”

female prankster more dangerous

How much truth is there in the fact that when caught red-handed in the crowd, the saboteurs even resort to knife-wielding. So that the crowd leaves them in fear of bloodshed. Whereas the prankster does not use a knife or wield a knife? Banta said, “The stuff (knives or blades) is kept by all their boys (jebtrash or splinter). Even we (men) girls keep tools (sharp knives or blades) with us. Even if you don’t have the guts to use them. But she immediately takes out the chakku (knife) she has with her when needed and gives it to the snatcher. so that he can use it. It’s just that the cutting guys (pocket shredders) often unwrap the tools (knives, razors or blades). Since we people (jumpers) run away from the spot immediately. So we don’t even need to do anything like that.”

“Jhapmaar” would not have been written on the forehead.

Is there something different in seeing a snatcher and a pocket bounty? On being asked, the infamous Jebtarash Manna alias Munnu alias Raju of Jahangirpur area and bald said, “Nothing is known from the face. Those who are drug addicts (pocketers by using drugs), they are definitely recognized from afar. I don’t do drugs. Just to feed my stomach, I do a couple of tasks (snatching with a couple of people) a day. Don’t spend much on yourself. I am alone No whereabouts are certain. Whenever the night falls, I go to sleep. As soon as the day is over, in search of work here and there (in search of prey for snatching), I beat my hands at two places. It is not written on our forehead that what are we? It is not for anyone to identify us.”

Chasing is difficult, not impossible

On the other hand, a 30-35-year-old woman, who is often seen roaming around the Jahangirpuri-Model Town area, denied many of Munnu’s claims. According to it, “All these (male pranksters) are recognized by their appearance. Yes, now in Corona time, since the time masks have started, it has become a lot easier. People understand that masks must be worn. Whereas now it has become easier to cover the face with a mask.

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Earlier, if we used to cover the face with a handkerchief, then someone used to ask us from a distance, why even in the crowd, someone covered his face with a handkerchief. Anyway, swooping is done more properly on a motorcycle scooter. In such a situation, a helmet also helps a lot in covering the face. Yes, we get suspicious when we are chasing and chasing someone. In such a situation, those who are alert after seeing us chasing, then we go ahead from there (leaving the potential victim).

What does the police say?

TV9 Bharatvarsh spoke to LN Rao, retired DCP of Delhi Police about this. According to Rao, “Jhaptmar and Jebtarash are all mixed together. Show us and you as if they don’t mean anything to each other. All these are very dangerous and they are going to commit crimes by walking on the same track. They can be avoided only by being careful. In a crowd or in a deserted area, whenever someone is seen hovering around him, chasing him. Then be careful. In fact, whether it is a pocket-cracker or whether it is a prankster. Both these types of criminals run their nefarious business by taking advantage of our negligence. If we stay alert, it keeps itself away from us. Because they too have a lot of fear of being caught.

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