TV9 EXCLUSIVE: Distinguishing between pickpockets and snatchers is essential for safety

‘You-us for your own safety’ pickpocket (Pick Pocket) and swoop It is very important to understand the difference between (Snatcher). If we understand this difference, then by easily identifying both these types of criminals in time, we – and you – can easily protect ourselves. In fact, they are usually not more intelligent than us or even educated. Yet it is our carelessness of the educated towards themselves in public and crowded places, which makes these criminals prove heavy on us. How to avoid the shadow of snags? In search of this question, when TV9 Bharatvarsh searched some notorious snatchers, many surprising information came out.

For example, be it a pickpocket or a prankster. The work of these two is more or less same. The common man cannot even differentiate between them. Whereas TV9 Bharatvarsh took them into confidence when they fathomed the minds of some dangerous zebras. So all those revelations went on happening, which are enough to make any common man safe from them. According to a swindler named Sumanna (TV9 Bharatvarsh does not confirm if the name is correct) living in Delhi’s Khichdipur-Kalyanpuri area, “We have not descended from the sky. We are all like you all. The art is its own. We have skill (meaning the art of swooping) in our hands. Which you (the decent people who become their victims) do not have.”

peacock over thief

In response to a question, he further said, “Just like we reprimand someone (potential victim), in the same way if someone takes us by the palm. And we see him doing this, then we leave from there. Because the man who has already been alert on seeing us, how will he allow us to cut our pockets easily. How else would anyone allow his purse-wallet-chain to be snatched away? We are also afraid that if we get caught, we will be killed so differently. The police in the police station and the lawyers in the court will charge money separately. We lay our hands on those who are lost in their own world or in the crowd. On the road, in the crowd the more careless the more. Us (Jhaptmar) our work (Jhaptmari) becomes as easy.

Even the smugglers are scared

We never go near any person who poses a threat to us. And by the way, the time is not known when the bad time will come. Then what good do I get stuck with. Meaning, do you want to say that if you are alert and alert at any time, then you will not make him a victim of snatching? When asked, Sumanna said, “Yes, of course. Whenever we do our work, we do not make eye contact with the other person. Because if we get an eye from the front, then we can also be weak to do our work. Think whose purse or gold snatches silver, he must also feel bad. That’s why just as soon as we see that there is a deserted area on the road. Or just a little bit isolated from the crowd.

Such people become victims first

Or because of the huge crowd, someone is thrashing around in the market like a badass. Who doesn’t even care about his clothes. Just try to work on that. As long as he can think of something about our work (jhatmari). In this, we know how far we have gone. We would have disappeared from the spot by the time someone’s screaming sound spread here and there.” How to avoid snooping How can one protect oneself? When asked, in Delhi’s Jaffrabad area, the person who once carried out several incidents of snatching said, “Only once we get a look, which then we can not lay hands on it.

Be careful in such areas

There is a fear that the person in front may not recognize us. Secondly, we remove (prank) the belongings of those who are casually commuting somewhere on the road for their own pleasure. Or our work becomes easier in places like Chandni Chowk, Red Fort, Sadar Bazar, Sarojini Nagar Market, Daryaganj, Fish Market, crowded areas around Jama Masjid, Shahdara Floor Market in East North East, Delhi. Due to the huge crowd here, we do not need to run away by doing our work. Because whose goods we take (by snatching) he does not even notice in the crowd that his work has deteriorated.

Police confirmed the facts

We just stay away from alert people. Because even before we start our work, they can trap us by making noise in the midst of the crowd.” In this series, TV9 Bharatvarsh has Delhi Police Crime Branch I have worked as DCP for many years. Ravi Shankar Kaushik talked to. He told every point of the information that we got from the snatchers to be 100 percent correct. Also said, “Any snatcher attacks only when he himself is safe. But the person who becomes his victim (the victim of the snatch) should be careless. Usually, all the incidents of snatching happen with such people who feel that, how can any incident happen with them on the road?

Overconfident traps

It is our overconfidence that makes us the victim of snatchers. I can say with certainty swoop Will never make him a victim, who will be alert. Because the prankster knows that a cautious man can catch him and become trouble. As far as identifying the snatchers is concerned, if someone is repeatedly teasing you with a thief in the crowd. Then immediately recognize him with suspicion and become alert. If someone is passing through the neighborhood behind you again and again on foot or two-wheeler, then be alert.


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