Those 7 slogans that made PM Narendra Modi’s image and made ‘Brand Modi’

PM Narendra Modi turned 72 today. He has been in power continuously for the last 21 years. First as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and then as the Prime Minister of the country. His innings, which began after he was declared the prime ministerial candidate in 2014, created history. From the election campaign of 2014 till now, whatever slogans he and BJP gave, they went on the tongue of the people.

Today, on the occasion of his birthday, know about some such slogans which dominated from social media to people’s tongue and created a positive image of PM Modi…

  1. Good days are ahead: This slogan started in 2014. During the campaign for the general elections, PM Modi gave this slogan while attacking the alleged inflation, corruption and failures of UPA-2. After the elections, people were promised to get rid of both these problems. As a result, the BJP government was formed with a thumping majority.
  2. This time Modi’s government: In 2014, when the BJP announced Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate, the election campaign slogan was – Ab ki baar – Modi Sarkar. This slogan got on the tongue of the people and became a wave in favor of the party.
  3. Hail Modi, Modi in every house: PM Modi had reached Varanasi during the campaign for the Lok Sabha elections 2014. During the campaign, he had said that Maa Ganga has called me. During this campaign, slogans were raised in his support everywhere, Har-Har Modi, Ghar-Ghar Modi.
  4. Make in India, Made for the World: Taking a pledge to make India self-reliant, PM Modi had given an invitation to giant companies from all over the world to come to India, invest and do business. He had requested the companies to come here and make the product and sell it in the worldwide market. In this sequence, he gave the slogan of Make in India, Made for the world.
  5. Everybody’s company will help in everybody’s growth: PM Narendra Modi laid the foundation of many development schemes during his tenure. While handing over the development plans to the people of the country, gave the slogan – Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. Through this slogan, the priority was set to take every section of the country along.
  6. Me too the watchman: Just as many slogans were in discussion in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, similarly a similar slogan came in the discussion during the campaign for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. PM Modi said during the meeting, will not allow anyone to steal the country’s resources. He called himself the watchman of the country. After this, people’s bio was also seen as a watchman on social media.
  7. Vocal for Local: It was such a slogan of PM Modi that along with building his image, it also helped in increasing employment for local level artists. Giving the slogan of ‘Vocal for Local’, PM Modi said that the big companies of the world today must have been a startup at some point or the other.

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