Those 5 biggest qualities of PM Modi who made him ‘Brand Modi’ by keeping him in power for 21 years

PM Modi is such a leader who has remained in power for 21 consecutive years. First 13 years he was Chief Minister and now he is occupying the post of Prime Minister for 8 years. He has not been in power like this for two decades. Behind this is their strategy to work 24×7. It is said that he has been doing this for the last 21 years and during this time he did not take a single leave. PM Modi has developed this special kind of political culture and has tried to take the party forward by giving the basic mantra of ‘Service Hi Sangathan’.

This is the quality of PM Modi that makes him different from other leaders. Today is his birthday, know on this occasion, such qualities that have transformed him into a ‘brand’ that kept him in power for 21 years…

  1. Taught to change electoral strategy and achieve victory: After becoming the Prime Minister in 2014, the BJP also formed the government in those states of the country where the party was trying to make its mark for many years. Behind this was the election strategy of PM Modi. The ‘brand’ image of PM Modi developed by his special style of doing his work continuously without leave, led to the Modi wave and saffron wave in most of the states of the country.
  2. Every election is important, also said:There was a time when a word was used for the BJP. That was- BJP’s three work, meeting, food and rest. Ever since PM Modi took over the reins of the party, the change can be seen clearly. From political functioning to party strategy, there has been a big change. There has been a big mantra behind its beginning, that is to take every election seriously. With the same quality, the BJP waved saffron even in the states ruled by other parties.
  3. Election preparations do not stop:PM Modi started this trend in the party that whatever be the election, preparations should not stop even after the results are out. Usually political parties start preparations in the states a year before the elections, but PM Modi changed this trend as well. Made election preparations an important part of the party’s work. As a result, the BJP’s election preparations are raising challenges for the opposition parties.
  4. Pressure on opposition parties to do full time politics:The effect of PM Modi’s style of working is clearly visible on the opposition parties. This one example was clearly seen in Congress. Two years ago, Congress leaders wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi, in which they demanded a president who works 24 hours a day. Leaders of many parties of the country like- Mamta Banerjee try to prove that they are in the mood for full time politics.
  5. Beginning to make every event grand and give a bigger message:PM Modi has been an expert in making every event grand and giving political message through it. In 2014, he started it with an event and called himself a Pradhan Sevak. The BJP started celebrating every birthday of the Prime Minister as Seva Diwas. During this, all the work like health checkup, distribution of equipment to the differently-abled and vaccination is being done.

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