These traditions tell how special Queen Elizabeth was, know how the funeral will take place?

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth-II will be given a final farewell today, following many traditions of the British monarchy. Britain will witness this historic moment when Queen Elizabeth is taken for the funeral. Many politicians and celebrities from all over the world will be involved in this funeral and a large number of people will also be seen. The way he will go to Westminster Abbey will also be a historic moment.

So today we tell you how Elizabeth’s funeral will take place and which traditions will be followed during this time. So know some special things related to Elizabeth’s last journey…

When will the funeral take place?

According to London time, the funeral will be done at 11 am and according to Indian time it will be at 4.30 pm. After 6 a.m. on 19 September, the doors of Westminster Hall will be closed for the last viewing. After this, preparations will begin for the Queen’s body to be taken to Westminster Abbey, where the last rites will be performed.

How to carry the body from Westminster Hall to the Abbey

Will take it with an honor rally. Soldiers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines will also be stationed in this. Elizabeth’s coffin will be placed on the gun carriage, which will be pulled by the soldiers with the help of ropes. It consists of 142 jawans, who walk in a distance of 5 meters. In this, officers will be at the fore and then soldiers. All of them will walk together pulling the rope and between them the coffin will be placed on the gun carriage.

Let us tell you that this special gun carriage was used for George-5, who was the father of the Queen. These people will go on foot, while some people will go by car. Along with this, there will also be some traditions in that church, where the King-Maharaja is crowned. Apart from this, Elizabeth and Philip were married in the year 1947 in this church.

What will happen in Westminster Abbey?

First in Westminster is the Great West Door, followed by parts like the Nave, Quire. The Prime Minister, President or other VIP guests of different countries will gather in the Naval section. Here the funeral procession will take place and a short bugle call will be played and it will start after two minutes of silence nationwide. After this gun salute will be given. Along with this, many more rituals will also be performed, which are related to the monarchy.

What will be the dress code?

Buckingham Palace said only members of the Royal Family who hold military rank can wear the uniform at Westminster Abbey funerals. This means that King Charles III, William – the Prince of Wales, Anne – the Princess Royal and Prince Edward – the Earl of Wessex will wear military uniforms.

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