There was cigarette-chocolate rain on Tihar on this day itself, know the story of that smuggler who is a complete film…

What would you do if cigarettes and chocolates suddenly started falling from the sky instead of water? You must be thinking that can this even happen? So let us tell you that absolutely this not only can happen but has also happened, exactly 59 years ago, the date was 23 September, but the year was 1963, the only difference was that instead of a cloud in the sky, a Piper Apache plane was. Due to which chocolate-cigarettes were being rained heavily on Tihar Jail. Although this rain was only for a few moments, because the plane had to cover a long distance. The plane had flown from Delhi’s Safdarganj Airport and went to Lahore, Pakistan.

Something happened like this…

By now you must be in suspense that why did it rain only on Tihar Jail? And who was on the plane? Actually Daniel Haley Walcott (Jr.) was aboard the plane, although Daniel was a business man and he had made India his temporary home, but just a year before the flight to Lahore, he was booked for smuggling weapons. It was done, he had also been in jail and came out on bail, although he was banned from going out of the country, because he had a liability on the famous company of the country. That well-known company was the Tata Group, which had fallen victim to Daniel’s cunning mind.

The story is full movie…

You may find this story filmy, and the character of this story is a James Bond. Daniel’s story is something like this. According to a report published in Time magazine in 1966, Daniel Haley Walcott was born on 26 November 1927 in Texas, father was a business man, but Walcott had been in a different tune since childhood, he himself was once the son of a judge. Sometimes he used to tell his father’s name as Oliver Walcott, Oliver Walcott was the one who signed the US Declaration of Independence.

used to work in the american navy

During World War II, Walcott served in the American Navy, after which he took admission in Virginia University to study. But he had something else in his mind, in 1950 he came to San Francisco. In a 2001 article published in the Los Angeles Times, Joey Mozingo described Daniels as a mysterious person. According to the article, Daniel married a girl from a rich house here. Five years later, Daniels opened the Trans-Atlantic Airlines Company, whose main business was freight, the company had several planes, one of which was the personal use of the Piper Apache.

Such a relationship with India

In 1962, Air India concluded a contract to supply railway cargo to Afghanistan, which Daniel’s company Trans Atlantic Airlines got and made India its temporary home. He lived in Delhi’s Ashoka Hotel and from here he traveled to and from Afghanistan or nearby cities and countries in his Piper Apache plane. Being associated with Air India, there was no restriction on him, he took advantage of it.

Cartridges found near Walcott

On 20 September 1962, the police raided the room of the Ashoka Hotel in which Walcott was staying, the police found 766 cartridges from there, after which the police also raided Walcott’s Piper Apache plane standing at Safdarganj Airport, then there too the cartridges were found. 40 boxes were found and each box contained 250 cartridges. Walcott was arrested and produced in the court and from there sent to Tihar Jail. Walcott got bail on 23 October, after coming out of jail he tried to escape to Pakistan via the Bagha border, but was caught. Once again he was thrown in jail.

Got furious with the plane…

Walcott made another plan, this was the period when the war between India and China was going on. Walcott proposed to the judge that if he was treated well, he could give his plane to help India in the war, the judge considered the proposal and in one case Walcott’s sentence was extended to the number of days he had served in prison. It was equalized, but the trouble was still there, because Walcott had defrauded the Tata Group of 60 thousand rupees and Tata’s legal team was after Walcott. For the time being, Walcott was granted bail, but there was a ban on going out of the country and the plane was confiscated. So he sought permission from the court to allow his Piper Apache plane to start every morning for some time, so that the plane would not get damaged. With a constable, he started going to Safardganj airport. He did this for a week so that he could win trust. On 23 September 1963, he filled the fuel and started the plane and ran it on the runway. By the time the airport guards and constables could understand something, Walcott was in the sky.

Hunter plane returned empty handed

After taking off the plane from Safdarganj airport, Walcott reached directly over Tihar Jail and rained cigarette and chocolate there. After some time, he left with a plane towards Pakistan. At that time, two Hunter planes of the Indian Air Force also followed him, but these planes could take off after 55 minutes, so Walcott had already reached the Pakistan border before his arrival.

The story is still…

A few months later, on 8 June 1964, a plane took off from Karachi, which was to go to Iran, after clearing from Pakistani airspace, this plane suddenly turned towards India. Captain McAllister and Captain Peter John Philby were on board, the prized 675 Swiss watches were in the plane. The plane was to be landed at such a place from where two people give a signal, but the plan went wrong and the signal could not be received, due to the lack of fuel, the plane made an emergency landing at Murud Beach, 150 km from Mumbai, a lot of the plane was damaged. done. The police caught both of them, but both told the police that they had taken a flight from Amritsar on an amateurish basis, but lost their way, both said the same in court and escaped. Both took out watches from the plane and went to Mumbai and from there caught a flight to Pakistan through fake passports in their names and from there went to London via Iran.

Philby was Walcott

According to the news website, after reaching London, Captain McAllister’s faith was awakened and he confessed his crime by going to the Swiss Embassy and also told about the exploits of his partner. The Swiss Embassy informed the Indian officials that what they believed to be Captain Peter John Philby was actually Daniel Haley Walcott Jr. This issue had also raised in the Parliament at that time. Some officers were also sent to London for investigation.

The hands of the law are long…

It was not an easy thing to get out of the hands of Indian security agencies twice, so Daniel Walcott felt that he would be successful in this for the third time as well. According to the mercy petition filed by Walcott in the Madras Court (parts of it are available on the Internet) on 31 December 1965, he came to Chennai for the third time via Colombo and showed his British passport as Barry Philip Charles. He was allowed to leave the airport, but he was suspected, the CBI was already investigating the Walcott case. After staying at a hotel in Chennai, he went to Mumbai. Here the CBI arrested him on the basis of suspicion. On getting the fingerprints, the suspicion of the CBI changed into confidence and information was obtained from London. Information was received from there that the person on whose passport Walcott came to India had died in 1940 itself.

Court sentenced seven years

Daniel Haley Walcott admitted that he had faked a passport. The case was heard in court and Walcott was sentenced to seven years in separate cases. On 2 August 1967, he appealed to K Reddy’s court in Madras to reduce his sentence, but the court rejected it. He later described himself as a CIA agent, although this was never confirmed, he was shot and killed in 2000.

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