There may be a possibility of life here in space… Signs from this planet after Moon, Mars

In space, there is often a search for a planet like Earth, where human life is possible. Scientists are also doing research on this for a long time. Sometimes scientists also find places similar to Earth. Now astronomers’ search for life in space has reached not only behind this solar system, but beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. Now this search has made such a discovery, due to which the new planet has raised many hopes, that is, a planet like Earth has been found. This planet is in the region of Red Dwarf Star (Red Dwarf Star).

In such a situation, we know how similar this planet is to Earth and how far it is from Earth. Also know, how many possibilities of the earth are being seen on this. So know some special things related to this super earth…

What is special about this planet?

Actually, life is being expected on this planet. But, there is a problem with this that this planet keeps rotating in and out of its habitable zone. However, it is still expected to retain water on its surface. However, more research can be done on this in the future. Ross 508b was discovered by the Subaru Strategic Program using the Infrared Spectrograph (IRD) on the Subaru Telescope (IRD-SSP).

According to reports, the newly discovered exoplanet has about four times the mass of Earth. This area may be considered favorable for living and it is believed that water may also exist here. Apart from this, it is also called the Goldilocks zone and the conditions here are life-like, which means that it is neither too hot nor too cold. Let us tell you that this region includes three-quarters of the stars of our galaxy.

How far is the new planet from Earth?

If we talk about the distance from the earth, then it is about 37 light years away from the earth. Along with this, it is located around the star, which is one-fifth the mass of the Sun. The planet itself is four times the mass of Earth. The average distance from its central star is 0.05 times the Earth-Sun distance. It is being told that this planet is likely to have an elliptical orbit and it is not possible to get a clear picture of it yet.

Stable temperature was shown on the moon too?

Let us tell you that the temperature is stable at some places on the moon, so that humans can remain stable there. There are some cave-like structures here, where there is a temperature according to humans. According to scientists of the University of California, temperatures of up to 17 degrees Celsius have been found. Although the temperature of day and night changes a lot, but in some places the temperature remains stable.

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