There is nothing new that seat belts are mandatory for the rear seat occupants… read what the rules say?

After the death of former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry, there is a lot of discussion about road safety rules. Now soon the rules will also be changed. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that it will be necessary for all the people in the car to wear seat belts. Along with this, if the occupants of the rear seat of the car do not put on the seat belt, then they will have to pay a fine. Now it will be made mandatory for every person sitting in the car to wear a seat belt.

It is being told that in the next three days, the order will be issued by the Ministry of Transport of the Central Government. But, it is not that this rule is coming for the first time. Actually, it is already mentioned in the rules made regarding seat belts. So know everything about the rules related to seat belts…

This rule has been in place for a long time.

Now every person sitting in the car is talking about the rule of wearing a seat belt, but these rules have been there for a long time. It is just that the challans are not deducted by the police regarding this. According to the rules, according to the Central Motor Vehicles Act 1989, it is mandatory for every passenger in a four wheeler to wear a seat belt. But, at present the emphasis is given only on the seat belt of the driver and the passenger sitting next to him.

According to police records, police have issued challans for seat belts in recent months, but all these challans pertain to the driver and the passenger sitting next to him not wearing the belt. There is no challan for not wearing seat belt for the question sitting on the back seat.

Why does the police not challan if it is mandatory?

In a report published in a daily newspaper, ADD Traffic has been told that seat belts are mandatory for all four wheeler rides, but challans are made only if the passengers sitting in the front seats do not wear seat belts. It is not clear in the rule that this action should be taken on the back seat ride also.

Required in every vehicle since 2002

Let us tell you that it has also been made mandatory for the vehicles made after 1 October 2002 that there should be a seat belt arrangement for every passenger. Even in an eight-seater vehicle, all passengers should have seat belts. As per the rules, it is mandatory for all front facing seats to have seat belts and it is also mandatory for the passengers to wear them.

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