There is not a single cheetah in India today, know who killed the last one? Now 8 will be brought from abroad

Soon cheetahs are going to be seen running on the land of India too. You will be surprised to know that since 1947, the world’s fastest running animal in India is not a cheetah. It is said that when the cheetah was finally left in the country, it was also hunted by some Maharaja. But, now Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start the Cheetah Project in Madhya Pradesh and this animal extinct from India will be brought to India. It is estimated that after this the number of cheetahs in India will increase.

There are many questions about the Cheetah project, what steps will be taken through this project. Along with this it is also interesting to know who killed the last cheetah and what are the stories related to the last cheetah… so know many special facts related to cheetah in India…

What is Cheetah Project?

The Prime Minister is going to launch this project on September 17 at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. During this, eight cheetahs brought from Namibia will be released into the wild. Let us tell you that in the year 1952, the cheetah was declared extinct and now for 70 years, cheetahs are being brought to the land of India. These cheetahs will be taken to Kuno by air travel from Delhi. In view of this program, 8 helipads have also been prepared near the National Park. Let us tell you that earlier these cheetahs were to be brought only last year, but due to Corona this could not be possible.

What is the story of the last cheetah?

Let us tell you that the last cheetah died in India in the year 1947. After 5 years it was declared extinct in 1952 and since then there is no cheetah in India. In the year 2009 itself, it was considered to bring cheetah from Africa and now in 2022, 8 foreign cheetahs are being brought. There is also a fact that the cheetah is the only large carnivore in the country to become extinct due to hunting and food problems.

It is said that the Mughal ruler Akbar had preserved about 1000 cheetahs during his reign and their number is said to be even more in the whole country. It has also been told in the Journal of Bombay Natural History Society that there have always been cheetahs in India. But, gradually it disappeared.

who had killed

It is said that there were three last Asiatic cheetahs left in India, but Maharaja Ramanuj Pratap Singh Deo of Korea (present-day Chhattisgarh) hunted three cheetahs in 1947. It is said that the last three cheetahs were hunted by these Maharajas. Since then, the cheetah has been eradicated from India and in 1952 it was declared extinct. Now the question is whether the cheetah coming from abroad will be able to survive in India or not.

Questions are being raised in many reports that a large area is required for cheetah to survive, so giving them land in India can be a difficult task. Also, they may find it a little difficult to live here according to the environment.

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