There is no more delay in justice… Know how cases will be reduced by the arbitration law implemented in Chhattisgarh

There is no more delay in justice… Know how cases will be reduced by the arbitration law implemented in Chhattisgarh

An initiative started on Monday in the history of the court. Chhattisgarh High Court Under the supervision of the arbitration law was introduced in 18 districts. It has been started as a pilot project. This is an initiative of the Supreme Court. Through this pilot project, 40 selected judicial officers and advocates have been given 40 hours of training so that the effect of arbitration law can be seen.

If this pilot project is successful, then the matter of delay in getting justice will become history and it will be a matter of relief for the complainants. Know, what is arbitration law, what will be its effect and how will it be seen.

What is arbitration law?

If understood in simple language, its aim is to reduce the burden of pending cases filed in the courts through conciliation agreements. This initiative will save time for both the parties. The cost of hearing will decrease. Unnecessary stress will reduce. Getting justice in the courts is a long drawn process. This will reduce the pendency of cases in courts through arbitration law.

Most of the cases that have been going on for a long time are related to land and property. Most of these are a waste of time and money. In many cases, in the hope of justice, ornaments, fields and even houses are sold and the burden on the courts also increases. Through the new system, both the parties will get relief and they will get justice quickly.

How will the cases be settled?

Now let us understand how the pilot project will benefit. This system of justice will be cheap for both the parties. Through this process, the advocates will get all the necessary information from both the parties. After this both the parties will be called on a fixed date. First both the sides will be discussed separately. After this both will be made to sit together and talk.

Efforts will be made to bring about an agreement between the two parties to resolve the matter. Information about the benefits to be received by both the parties will be recorded on the paper. When both the parties give their consent for the resignation, then an affidavit will be taken from them. The case file along with the affidavit will be presented in the concerned court for hearing. While conducting the hearing, the court will summon both the parties by issuing summons. After this, both the parties will accept the agreement in the presence of the lawyer in the court. After settlement, the court will dispose of the case on the basis of compromise.

4.5 lakh cases pending in district courts

Presently the number of pending cases in the High Court of Chhattisgarh is not less. There are 89,132 cases registered in the High Court here. About 4.5 lakh cases are pending for justice in the district courts. Through the new pilot project, the number of cases in the district courts will decrease and both the parties will get relief.

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