Then the issue of Ram Setu in the discussion…. Know what is being disputed now?

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy has once again filed a petition regarding Ram Setu. In fact, earlier Subramanian Swamy had demanded an early hearing of the Ram Sethu case in the Supreme Court. However, due to ill health of the judge, the matter was not heard. The matter will be heard soon by the court. Before the hearing to be held in the Supreme Court, the question is that after what demand has Swamy filed a petition in the court. In such a situation, we know what is the issue and what is the story of Ram Setu, which is being discussed a lot.

Let us tell you that in the Ram Sethu case, Subramanian Swamy again demanded an early hearing on the matter in front of the CJI. After this, the CJI said that there is a health issue of a judge of the bench, due to which the matter could not be listed, we will list the matter for hearing soon. After this, it will be known what the Supreme Court says on this matter and whether Swamy’s demand is fulfilled or not.

What is Subramanian Swamy’s demand?

Please tell that Subramanian Swamy has been demanding for a long time to declare Ram Sethu as a National Heritage. Swamy has approached the Supreme Court regarding this demand and he had filed a petition many years ago. Their demand is that the Supreme Court should direct the Central Government to declare it as a National Heritage. In fact, earlier the court had fixed July 26 for hearing and Swamy appealed for urgent hearing on July 13.

What is Ram Setu?

According to religious beliefs, this bridge was built when Lord Rama was going to Lanka to save Sita. At that time a bridge was built to go from India to present day Sri Lanka, which is called Ram Setu. It was made from those stones, on which Shri Ram was written, so that he was not submerged. This information is given in religious books. At the same time, research by a science channel of America has also found that the bridge connecting Sri Lanka and India is real.

It has come to the fore in many reports that the bridge-like thing stretching from the Pamban island of India to the Mannar island of Sri Lanka is made by humans. At the same time, it is also said for the stones that they have not been deposited themselves, they have been kept by someone. These stones are said to be seven thousand years old. At the same time, research done by Anna University and Madras University has revealed that this bridge is 18400 years old. Ram Setu is also known as Adams Bridge.

Let us tell you that Swami has been working on this for a long time. Recently, he had also lodged an objection regarding Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film Ram Setu and asked to register a case against him. He believes that the sentiments of many viewers can be hurt through this film.

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