The war of 1965, in which neither India lost nor Pakistan… the battle ended like this

India Pakistan has come face to face on the battlefield many times and every time India has rubbed off on Pakistan. But, there is such a war of 1965, in which neither India nor Pakistan. However, different claims are made by both the countries. Actually, the end of this battle was not a victory or defeat but a compromise. By the way, today this war is being discussed because in 1965, this fierce war between the two countries was stopped on the initiative of the United Nations on 23 September i.e. on this day.

In the pages of history, the 1965 war is mentioned in an important way. In such a situation, today we tell you the story of this war, how it started and through which paths this war ended. So know everything related to the 1965 war…

How did the fight start?

According to a BBC report, the 1965 war started in a small area of ​​Kutch. It was such a place, where no one used to come and go and this area was close to important cities of Pakistan while it was far away from cities like Bhuj in India. In fact, in this area, Pakistan had built a road connecting Dang and Surai, which India opposed a lot. Both the armies started patrolling here and a post was made. Then there was an encounter here, after which the matter reached the fight.

Sheep herders had given information

This is on August 5, 1965, when a man was grazing his sheep near Gulmarg. During that time two strangers came to him, who were asking him whether there is an army post here. After this, the sheep herder did not give any information and gave this information to the Indian Army. These people had entered Indian-administered Kashmir under Operation Gibraltar. After this it came to know that Pakistan is entering the border of India.

How much was the loss?

This war lasted for about 22 days. According to reports, about 3,000 soldiers of India and about 3,800 soldiers of Pakistan were killed in this war. In this war, India claimed possession of 1840 square kilometers of Pakistan, while Pakistan claimed 540 square kilometers of India. Now both the countries claim their victory and the military objective of both the countries was not fulfilled. India is said to have used 14 per cent of the weapons. Infantry, tank, navy, air force all took part in this battle.

How did the ceasefire happen?

This 22-day fight ended on the initiative of the United Nations. India’s counter-attack was so strong that Pakistan was forced to retreat. This war lasted for five weeks and finally the announcement to end the war was made on this day i.e. 23 September.

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