The story of the richest princess of the Mughal sultanate who considered herself a fakir

Shahzadi Jahanara, the eldest child of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, was called the richest woman not only in India but in the world. It has been clearly mentioned in history as well. Era Makhoti, author of the book ‘Daughter of the Sun’ and a famous historian, says that in those times when the people of Western countries reached India, they were surprised to see that Indian women had more rights than their countries.

Referring to Jahanara, she says, how rich the Mughal princess was, it has been mentioned many times in different ways in history. For example, he had many jagirs. After the death of Shah Jahan, Jahanara got half of his property. The remaining half was distributed to all the sons.

One lakh ashrafis were found as soon as she became Padshah Begum

In a BBC report, Dr. M. Wasim Raja, Associate Professor of History at AMU, says that there was a time when Jahanara was made Padshah Begum. This is a big post of the Mughal Empire. On the day Jahanara was given this title, he was given one lakh Asharfis. Apart from this, Rs 4 lakh was also given as an annual grant.

Not only the amount, the scope of the princely state of Jahanara was also increased. He was given several gardens, including Bagh Jahanara, Bagh Noor and Bagh Safa. Apart from this, the parganas of Bachhol, Safapur, Achhal, Farzahra, Dohara and Panipat were added to their princely state. He was also given the right of the city of Surat, from where trade with the British was being done through ships.

When Jahanara was weighed down by the treasury

To what extent Emperor Shah Jahan was attached to Jahanara, it is also mentioned in history. Jahanara was scorched by fire on 6 April 1644. The situation became so serious that she remained in bed for eight months. After a long time, when she recovered, the emperor was so happy that he opened the doors of his treasure. Money was distributed daily to the poor. A large number of prisoners were released.

Not only this, every night a thousand rupees Jahanara used to sleep with under the pillow, that too was distributed to the poor. During that period, loans up to Rs 7 lakh were waived. That celebration lasted for eight days. Shah Jahan was so happy that he gave bracelets worth five lakh rupees to the princess with 130 pearls as a gift. On the same occasion, he was also given the port of Surat, from where there was an annual income of Rs 5 lakh.

The physician who treated the princess, Shah Jahan also made him rich. In lieu of treating the daughter, she gave 200 horses, elephants, 500 tola weight to Asharfi besides many other things.

Jahanara considered himself a fakir throughout his life.

Of course, Jahanara has been the richest princess of the Mughal period, but she continued to consider herself a fakir throughout her life. After the fire incident, his inclination towards Sufi ideology increased. Historians believe that Jahanara was more attractive and beautiful than her mother Mumtaz Mahal. His personality was considered brilliant in the Mughal Empire.

Jahanara spent half the amount in the most expensive wedding of the Mughal period

In February 1633, the marriage of brothers Dara Shikoh and Nadira Begum took place. At that time, a total of 32 lakh rupees was spent in Shikoh’s marriage. It was called the most expensive wedding in history. Jahanara was very fond of her brother Shikoh. That’s why he left no stone unturned to make this marriage grand. He had given half the amount i.e. 16 lakh rupees from himself for the expenses in this marriage. In 1681, at the age of 67, Jahanara left the world.

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