The story of the mighty Mughal emperor who called himself a sinner and a failure

The story of the mighty Mughal emperor who called himself a sinner and a failure

In the period of Mughal history, there was also such a powerful emperor who found everything that he liked. From brother to father, he imposed his words. Ruled them, yet in his final stages he regretted it. He called himself a sinner and a failure. he was Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, Aurangzeb was turning at the end of his life. Realizing that change, he was also repenting. His body had grown old. The eyes had sunk in. The effect of weakness in hands and feet was visible. The beard had turned white. There were hundreds of folds on the skin of the body.

He was regretting inside. Trying to say something first, then suddenly stopping the words on the tongue was becoming a habit. Seeing his father in that condition, Azam Shah tried to know the reason many times, but he was unsuccessful.

Seeing the condition of the father, only one question was flashing in the mind of the prince whether he was the same emperor who created such a sultanate on his own. 15 crore people depended on him. But today this person himself is unable to bear the burden of his own ring and clothes. With this question, the prince came out of the camp which was built far away from the Mughalia Sultanate.

Why did Aurangzeb regret so much in his last days that he even called himself a sinner and a failure, let’s understand it now.

struggle to get that throne

Aurangzeb’s remorse began with his dream for which he had left his blood relations behind. That was the dream of capturing the throne in any case. At the time when his eyes were seeing this dream, his father Emperor Shah Jahan was preparing to make Dara Shikoh the emperor. Shah Jahan used to love Dara Shikoh the most among his children. The same thing was knocking Aurangzeb. Finally one day he also declared Dara Shikoh as the emperor. From this began the first chapter of Aurangzeb’s cruelty.

Aurangzeb first along with his other brothers made a move to get Dara Shikoh out of the way. Shikoh was accused of being an idolater and insulting Islam. Under the guise of this, Aurangzeb revolted. Dara Shikoh was assassinated and the Mughal Empire was captured. Aurangzeb, in the intoxication of becoming the sovereign of India, did not even leave his father and kept Shah Jahan a prisoner for life.

Aurangzeb has been the only emperor in Mughal history whom Indians never liked. He did not even leave his father and brother, crossing the limits of cruelty. Not only cheated his loved ones, Aurangzeb did not even leave Hindu temples. There was terror in the temples and looted. 5 decades of Aurangzeb’s life were spent fighting and capturing.

was loyalty only to Allah

Aurangzeb was never honest about his relationships. He was only loyal to Allah. In the last days of his life, now his bad deeds were tormenting him. He started feeling that how would I face them in front of Allah. He called his younger son Kambakhsh and said- what will people think of me after I die. I think what I have done to other people will happen to my own people. I have failed as a king. I am in my time when the time to meet Allah has drawn near. My sins are such that even they will not forgive.

‘I don’t even shade the grave good luck,

Aurangzeb had written before his death that there should be no pretense on my death. Music should not be played. No function should be organized. No building should be built on my grave. Only a platform should be made on which there is no shade of any tree. I don’t want to have shade. Even after death my face should not be covered so that I can face Allah directly.

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