The story of the cruel Mughal emperor who broke his own son’s eye

After Marriage Mughal emperor Akbar For a long time he was deprived of the happiness of a child. After bowing before many dargahs and fakirs Jahangir was born. Jahangir, who was identified as a cruel ruler and a king fond of alcohol and women. The most shocking thing is that Jahangir did not even touch alcohol till the age of 18. There is also an anecdote of the beginning of wine.

Parvati Sharma, author of the book ‘An Intimate Portrait of a Great Mughal Jahangir’ writes, Jahangir i.e. Salim got addicted to alcohol while hunting. When Jahangir got tired after hunting for several hours, someone suggested drinking that wine. Jahangir did the same. He liked the taste of alcohol so much that it became a part of everyday life. It was through Jahangir that his other brothers got addicted to it.

It is clearly written in Jahangir’s autobiography Tuzuke-Jahangiri that he used to drink 20 cups of liquor daily. On the advice of Hakim, the consumption of alcohol was reduced due to the bad effect on health.

tales of jahangir’s cruelty

When Prince Salim took over the reins of the Mughal Empire, he was given the title of Jahangir. Jahangir means conqueror of the world. Alison Banks fiddly recorded the tales of Jahangir’s brutality in her book ‘Noor Jahan: Empress of Mughal India’. He writes, after the death of Akbar on October 17, 1605, Jahangir occupied the Mughal throne. Sometimes he used to show generosity and sometimes he used to cross the limits of cruelty.

According to Alison, Jahangir had his servant’s hand cut off during his reign because he had cut down some of the Champa trees on the banks of the river. Not only this, a cousin of Noor Jahan was buried in the ground. His only fault was that he was caught kissing with a eunuch.

Jahangir not only inflicted cruelty on the common people but also oppressed his own son. Jahangir had broken his eyes when his son Khusro revolted. After doing this, he also got the son’s eye treated for a long time, but his eyesight could not come back.

Historian Bamber Goiscon writes in his book The Great Mughals that the Mughal emperor Jahangir was particularly fond of seeing cruelty in front of his eyes. Then whether you want to see the sight of the criminals being crushed by elephants or if someone breaks a ceramic cup at the hands of someone, he has to go to China and order him to bring a new cup.

murder of guru arjan dev

Jahangir also got the 5th Guru of Sikhs, Arjan Dev, murdered. Historian Muni Lal has mentioned this anecdote in the biography of Jahangir. He writes that Jahangir, enraged at helping the revolting son Khusrau, went to Guru Arjan Dev. He said – you are a saint and rich and poor are equal for all. Then why did you give money to my son? Guru Arjan Dev replied that I did this because he was going on a journey, not because he is your opponent. Had he not done so, he would not have been worthy to be called a disciple of Guru Nanaka. Hearing this, Jahangir got furious and made him captive and put him in the cell. A few days later he was murdered on the banks of the Ravi.


Jahangir, after the death of the warlord of his own empire, married his widow Mehrunnisa and gave her the title of Nur Jahan. According to historians, Jahangir had asthma. He could not tolerate dust and heat at all. This was the reason that Jahangir had gone to Kashmir at the end of his life. There Begum Nur Jahan and both sons-in-law started living with him. The place where his accommodation was arranged is known as the place of Genghis Ghatti. Jahangir died on 28 October 1627 at the age of 58.

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