The story of that Mughal emperor, whose captain only kidnapped him

There was a time when the Mughal emperor Akbar had every happiness in the world, except the children. In 1564, two twins, Hassan and Hussain, were born, but they could only live for a month. In the hope of a child, Akbar reached the dargah of his most beloved saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. He prayed give me a son. If this wish is fulfilled, then I will walk till Ajmer and will worship at your dargah.

After some time the courtiers informed Akbar that Pir Salim Chisti, a disciple of Khwaja, lives near Agra, he can fulfill your wish. With this desire, Akbar started going to him. One day, Akbar finally asked him how many children I would have. To this the answer was received that three.

Parvati Sharma, author of the book ‘An Intimate Portrait of a Great Mughal Jahangir’ on Salim i.e. Jahangir, says that as Salim Chishti told Akbar, so it happened. But who knew that one of them, Salim, would become the cause of his death.

According to the BBC report, Jahangir was an alcoholic. History would say that all his attention was not on military campaigns but on enjoying art, pleasures of life and luxury. But how true these things are, on this, the teacher of history, Anubhuti Maurya, says that when history is looked at, it is understood that Jahangir did not conduct any major military campaign, but the ability to test human intelligence and imitation. Jahangir was in

drunken ruler

One thing about Jahangir has been very popular. That was to be fond of women and alcohol. It is written in Jahangir’s autobiography ‘Tuzuke-Jahangiri’ that he used to drink 20 cups of wine in a day. However, on the advice of Hakims, it was reduced to 6 also.

The story of this addiction to alcohol is also interesting. According to writer Parvati Sharma, when Jahangir went hunting at the age of 18, he felt very tired. Then someone said that if you drink alcohol, the fatigue will go away. So Jahangir drank alcohol and he liked the taste. In this way, alcohol became an important part of their everyday life. Jahangir’s two brothers also got addicted to it and became the reason for his death.

From Babur to Akbar, he was fond of alcohol, but Jahangir regretted why his son Shah Jahan did not even touch alcohol till the age of 24.

getting up before the sun rises and having lunch in the middle of the night

It is also mentioned in the book that Jahangir liked to get up before sunrise. After getting up, he used to give his darshan to the public first, only after that he used to have breakfast. After breakfast there was a rest and again in the afternoon there was a public court.

In the evening it was a tradition to drink and discuss with the courtiers in the bathroom. After this, going to sleep and getting up at midnight to eat food has been a part of Jahangir’s life.

The story of Jahangir’s kidnapping

The story of Jahangir’s kidnapping has also been interesting. Jahangir was kidnapped by the warlord Mahabat Khan. Actually, Mahabat Khan was in charge of 500 soldiers in the Mughal army. When Jahangir became the emperor, his position increased and was made in charge of 1500 soldiers. His growing status was not liked by many. In the year 1926, he did not like the misbehavior of the emperor’s wife Nur Jahan. As a result, he came down on the rebellion. He attacked the camp of Jehangir sitting on the banks of Jhelum and took the emperor captive. However, later Noor Jahan surrendered before him.

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