The punishment for setting fire to trains is up to 10 years in jail, will never get a job in the railways! Know how big a crime is this

Agneepath scheme brought by the central government (Agnipath Scheme ProtestProtests are taking place in many states of the country against The protests that started two days ago have now turned violent. On Friday, the protesting youth set the trains on fire at many places. This is a big crime. Especially in Bihar, the agitators set fire to more than 5 trains.Fire in Train) installed. There have also been reports of setting fire to Vikramshila Superfast train in Lakhisarai, a district adjacent to the capital Patna, Bihar Sampark Express at Samastipur, Lohit Express at Mohiuddinnagar station and some other trains.

So far more than 200 trains have been affected due to the protests. More than 35 trains have had to be cancelled, while a decision has been taken to stop more than a dozen trains before their destination. The update regarding this is still going on and the Railways is taking a decision in view of the situation. The maximum train service has been affected in Bihar. Intellectuals are expressing concern over such violent protests that the way trains are being set on fire, youth are destroying public property, that is, harming the country.

Setting fire to trains, vandalizing, causing damage to railway property in any way is a major crime, for which youth can be jailed up to 10 years and heavy fine. Along with this, they can be deprived of lifelong from getting a job in the railways.

Punishment will be done under the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act 1984

Any property of train or railway, station premises etc. comes under the purview of public property. To deal with those who harmed them, the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1984 was enacted in the country.

  1. Under this law, if any person causes damage to public property, he can be punished with imprisonment of up to 5 years or with heavy fine or with both.
  2. Under this law, there is a more severe punishment against those who destroy public property by setting it on fire or through an explosion. According to the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act 1984 to such people 10 years in jail or fine Or both can be punished.

See how Vikramshila Express was set on fire.

The perpetrator of the crime will have to compensate for the loss

In the year 2007, the Supreme Court took suo moto cognizance of the incidents of damage to public property in frequent agitations. The court formed two committees on this issue. The committee headed by retired Supreme Court judge Justice KT Thomas and another committee headed by senior advocate Fali Nariman. Both these committees made some suggestions, on which the Supreme Court prepared a guideline.

  1. The Supreme Court said that all the responsibility will be on the person who damages the public property. In such cases the proof of burden will be on the accused. That is, the court will believe that the accused has done the damage.
  2. Thereafter the accused will have to prove that he was not involved in the damage caused to the public property. If he fails to prove himself innocent, he will be entitled to punishment.
  3. The Supreme Court also said that if an agitation is called on any issue and it turns into a violent demonstration, causing damage to public property, then in such a situation the damages will be compensated by the accused.
  4. The damages can also be assessed by the court or any other due process can be adopted for the assessment.

Can’t even get job in railway

In January this year, youth had started agitation alleging irregularities in RRB NTPC exam results and railway property was damaged in violent demonstrations at various places. After this, the youth were warned by the Ministry of Railways and the Railway Recruitment Board that those who damage railway property can be deprived of jobs in the railways.

The Railway Ministry issued a public notice and wrote,“It has come to notice that the candidates have committed illegal activities like protests on railway tracks, obstruction of train operation, damage to railway properties. Such misleading activities are the highest level of indiscipline, which makes such candidates unsuitable for Railway/Government jobs. Videos of such activities will be investigated with the help of specialized agencies and candidates found indulging in illegal activities may face life ban from securing railway jobs along with police action.”

At the same time, the Railway Recruitment Board had also issued a statement saying that the candidates have damaged railway property. The tracks have been uprooted and the movement of trains has been disrupted. Those candidates who are involved in violence and vandalism at railway stations and they are identified in the video, then they will not get a job in the railways for life.

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