The post of Attorney General in discussion… do you know who it is, what is their work

The country’s well-known lawyer Mukul Rohatgi has refused to become the Attorney General. Mukul Rohatgi has rejected the proposal of the Central Government and he has once again refused to take the post, as Mukul Rohatgi has been the Attorney General in the past as well. Right now KK Venugopal is the Attorney General of the country and now Mukul Rohatgi does not want to become an AG. Earlier it was being told that an agreement has been reached between the central government and them.

Do you know who becomes Attorney General and what is the work of Attorney General. So today we tell you the special thing related to the post of Attorney General so that you can get to know about this post.

Who is Mukul Rohatgi?

Mukul Rohatgi is a very senior lawyer of India and Mukul Rohatgi is the son of former Delhi High Court judge Justice Avadh Bihari Rohatgi. He was appointed Additional Solicitor General during the time of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He represented the Gujarat government in the 2002 riots case. After this he became the 14th Attorney General of the country and he was Attorney General from June 2014 to June 2017. After him, Venugopal was appointed to this post in July 2017.

Now he has refused to accept the Centre’s offer to become Attorney General. A few days ago there were reports that Mukul Rohatgi would be the next Attorney General of the country. Let us tell you that the tenure of current Attorney General KK Venugopal ends on 30 September. Attorney General KK Venugopal’s tenure has been extended thrice. Mukul Rohatgi was supposed to handle this responsibility from October 1, but now it will not happen.

Who becomes Attorney General?

The Attorney General of India is the chief legal advisor to the Government of India. He is the main advocate of the government in the Supreme Court of India. The Attorney General of India is appointed by the President of India under Article 76(1) of the Constitution and holds office during the pleasure of the President. It is also called the highest legal authority of the country. Senior lawyers on this post are appointed by the President and the President also has the right to remove it.

This post is called Attorney General in Hindi. The Attorney General is usually a highly respected senior advocate of the court and has a qualification comparable to that of a Supreme Court judge.

What is the job of Attorney General?

The Attorney General of India acts as the Chief Legal Adviser to the Government of India. The AG only advocates in matters from the government. Along with this, the job of the Attorney General is to give legal advice to the government like how Article 370 can be amended. At the same time, in many major decisions, advice is given by the Attorney General on the basis of law. But, it is believed that she cannot fight any case against the government.

The Attorney General can take part in the proceedings of Parliament, but he does not have the right to vote. Also, he has the right to speak in any committee of the Parliament in which he is nominated as a member. However, their work also has many limitations, such as the Attorney General cannot impose his opinion on the government and gives information about the legal aspect.

They do not have a fixed tenure. The term can be extended and removed on the approval of the President. In a way, it is a public prosecutor. The first AG of the country was MC Setalvad, whose tenure was also the longest. He was AG from 28 January 1950 to 1 March 1963.

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