The new style of the Indian Army… know what has changed so far and what is going to change till the post-regiment?

Many changes are taking place in the Indian Army now. The army has seen a lot of changes in the last few years. Now soon all those customs, traditions, designation etc. will be removed from the army, which was started by the British. The latest update is that on the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian Army under the leadership of General Manoj Pandey has started the process of getting rid of the things related to the colonial period from the army.

In such a situation, know what has changed in the army in the last few years and what changes are going to happen soon. So let’s try to understand how the nature of the Indian Army is changing now.

What is the latest update?

According to the information given by the army, ‘Some of the heritage practices such as the customs and traditions of the colonial and pre-colonial era and many English names need to be reviewed. Now many names, traditions will be changed to get rid of the British colonial legacy.

What’s going to change in the army?

  1. There will be change in many English names- Now on the orders of the government, the names of many buildings, establishments, roads, parks etc. will be changed in the army. Along with this, work will be done on war honours, changes in the honor given by the British as well as freedom from Commonwealth Graves Commission etc.
  2. Beating the Retreat- A four-day festival takes place on 26 January, with the last event being the Beating the Retreat. This program is held tomorrow at the historic Vijay Chowk in New Delhi. On this day, in a way, the armies return. Recently, the tune of the song Abide With Me was also removed in this Beating the Retreat.
  3. Regimental System- The basic unit of deployment in the army is the regiment. Even if the soldier concerned is posted anywhere later, but he will remain associated with the name of his regiment for life. When someone enlists in the Indian Army, he is made a part of a regiment. Its name is decided on the basis of caste or place. Now it is being told that its name etc. can also be changed.
  4. Names of many units will be changed- There are many units now, whose names are 16 Light Cavalry, 17 Poona House, 4 Horse, 9 Horse, 15 Horse, 2 Lancer, 7 Light Cavalry etc. It is being told that these names may change.
  5. Army Day Parade- Army Day Parade can also go outside Delhi. It is being told that the parade to be held on January 15 next year will be held in the Southern Command area.

What changed in the last few years?

  1. hiring process- Recruitment will be done in the government army under the Agneepath scheme. Under which the youth will be recruited in the army for only 4 years. Its process will be different and there will be no recruitment in the army as before.
  2. new uniform- Recently a new uniform of the Indian Army has been made for combat missions. The old army uniform was being used since 2008. Now many changes have been made in the new uniform. Including his camouflage pattern and use of new clothes.
  3. Arrangement of CDS- Earlier there was a system of Chiefs of Staff Committee in the country. After this, the CDS was arranged in its place, which acted as a coordination between the three forces. For the first time in India, Vipin Rawat was appointed to the post of CDS, who died in an accident.

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