The Mughal prince who was killed on the charge of renouncing Islam and the dead body was carried in the city

There was no fixed rule to make the heir to the empire in the Mughals. However, the eldest son had more hope of becoming the emperor. Ultimately, muscle power used to decide who would become the emperor of the Mughal Empire. Killing relatives in order to get power was also not considered an unfair act. This has also been written in history. It is recorded in history how the Mughals did not fail to kill innocent brothers for the throne, so that in future no one would be alive to raise their heads before them.

The talk is of September 1656. Shah Jahan had become very ill. The emperor had little hope that he would be able to recover again as before. So called the courtiers and declared Dara Shikoh as his successor.

When there was a situation to fight a war between brothers

After this announcement, Darashikoh realized that relations with the brothers could be spoiled. Shikoh decided not to make the news of the emperor’s illness public outside. During this, Shikoh took some such steps which increased the fear of war. He closed the passenger routes from Agra to Gujarat and Bengal to the south so that the disease of Shah Jahan could not spread. Not only this, he got the representatives of Shah Jahan in Shikoh in his favor.

When the brothers came to know about this, they made preparations for the war. At the same time, the weakening emperor stopped going among the public. As a result, the situation started getting worse. In September 1656, a rumor spread that the emperor had died. The emperor gave darshan to the public to refute this, but the matter had spread so much that this step had no effect.

The sons started preparing for the war as soon as they heard about Shah Jahan’s illness and weakness. Shah Bhuja declared himself independent in Bengal and Murad in Gujarat and started minting coins in his own name. Amidst all these ups and downs, something else was going on in Aurangzeb’s mind. He acted wisely and instead of making any announcement, erected troops on the banks of river Narmada so that no information could be passed from here to there. From his sister Roshan Ara, he knew everything about the capital.

Aurangzeb’s strategy and Shikoh’s stubbornness

In Aurangzeb, he expanded the army by making a treaty with his brother Murad. With this alliance, both gathered the army in Malwa and started moving towards Agra. Shikoh and Shah Jahan got to know about this. To stop this war between Shikoh and other brothers, Shah Jahan himself wanted to go to the battlefield, but stubborn Shikoh did not allow him to do so.

As a result, there was a war between the brothers on 29 May 1658. And the same thing happened which was expected, Dara Shikoh had to run away from the battlefield in front of both the brothers. The victorious prince Aurangzeb and Murad captured father Shah Jahan on June 8, 1658.

conspiracy started again

After this victory, Murad was beginning to realize that Aurangzeb could break the treaty, so he started preparing with the soldiers of the army. Aurangzeb also got to know about this, so he made a move. He invited Murad to a celebration held in Mathura. There he was first drunk a lot and then taken prisoner. Later, by luring his soldiers with money, he got him killed.

Now Aurangzeb’s target was Dara Shikoh. After losing the battle, Dara Shikoh wandered in Multan, Gujarat and Sindh. He took shelter with a Sardar Malik. This was the same chieftain whom Shikoh had once saved from the wrath of Shah Jahan. But he betrayed Shikoh. Malik handed over Shikoh and his son to Aurangzeb.

To gain the trust of the public, Aurangzeb spread the news that Dara Shikoh had given up Islam. The religion is condemned and got mixed with the infidels. After this news, Shikoh was killed in Aurangzeb. Not only this, his body was taken to the city.

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