The most expensive wedding of the Mughal Sultanate, when 8 lakh rupees were spent only on the lehenga

Shah Jahan, the emperor of the Mughal Empire, had the most affection for his sons, Dara Shikoh. He was so dear to them that he did not even like to send him in military campaigns. Always used to sit in the court and keep it in front of his eyes. On the other hand, the second son Aurangzeb was sent to the South, Murad Baksh to Gujarat and Shah Shuja to Bengal.

The effect of this son of Shah Jahan, Dara Shikoh, was such that he could neither master the war nor hold on to politics.Despite this, Shah Jahan had made up his mind to make Shikoh his successor.

One day suddenly he called the courtiers. Placed Shikoh on the throne and declared that he would rule India. Not only this, Shikoh, who received royal allowance of one thousand rupees daily, was also given two lakh rupees as soon as he got the throne. Thus the unilateral coronation of Shikoh started deteriorating relations with his brothers. Despite this, Shah Jahan never took any major step to improve the relations between the brothers.

No experience of war, but these qualities definitely remained in Shikoh

Shikoh may not have had the experience of war, was not aware of the tactics of politics, but still had many such qualities which were recorded in history. In the book ‘Dara Shukoh – The Man Who Would Be King’ written on Dara Shikoh, author Avik Chanda writes that Shikoh was a talented poet, theologian, Sufi and a prince with knowledge of different arts. However, he was not interested in administration and military affairs. His understanding of recognizing people was also weak.

Marriage which was recorded in golden letters in Mughal history

Another example of the extent to which Shah Jahan was in love with Shikoh is his marriage, which has been the most expensive marriage in Mughal history. The grand wedding of Nadira Bano and Dara Shikoh took place in February 1633 in Agra. The grandeur of the wedding was an example in itself. In that era, 32 lakh rupees were spent on marriage. Shikoh’s sister Jahanara Begum gave half the amount of marriage i.e. 16 lakh rupees from her.

According to the story recorded in the book, Shikoh was his father’s favorite as well as sister Jahanara’s favorite. With the passing of mother Mumtaz Mahal, Jahanara loved her like a mother. This was the first time that Shah Jahan was participating in any ceremony after the death of his wife.

No stone was left unturned to make the wedding grand. Fireworks were fired throughout the night. The procession of feasts went on for 8 days. The lehenga worn by Shikoh’s Begum Nadira on the wedding day was worth Rs 8 lakh at that time.

Nadira was no less than Mumtaz in terms of beauty

Mumtaz was considered synonymous with beauty in her time, but Shikoh’s Begum Nadira was also no less than Mumtaz in terms of beauty. Just as beautiful, as courageous and as loyal. There was so much love between Shikoh and Nadira that like his father, he never remarried. Shikoh had three children. Son Suleman Shikoh, Sipihar Shikoh and daughter Jahanzeb Bana.

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