The Finance Minister of India, who became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, whose murder has not been solved till date.

After independence from British rule and partition of the country, where India was moving towards a republic, at the same time Pakistan Was longing for a stable government. In the first war with India, Pakistan had to face defeat. Pak PM after defeat Liaquat Ali Khan Had to compromise with Pandit Nehru. Due to all this, the image of Liakal Ali had become that of a weak prime minister in the socialist and communist factions of Pakistan.

For about 4 years, Liaquat struggled with ups and downs. The date was- October 16, 1951, place- Company Garden. Liaquat was about to reach out and address the people. As he stood in front of the mic, a melodious voice reverberated. Liaquat fell on the stage itself. He was immediately taken to the army hospital. The operation took place. A few hours later the news came from the hospital, Liaquat Ali Khan was no more.

Murder mystery could not be solved

Today is the birth anniversary of Liaquat Ali Khan. He was born on this day in 1895. He was Liaquat who was the first Finance Minister of India and later became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Politics in Pakistan has been full of instability since its inception. Pakistan has a history that no prime minister could complete his term. Before 5 years, either the government fell, there was a coup or life was lost due to politics. The same happened with Liaquat Ali.

The mystery of Liaquat Ali’s death has not been completely solved till date. It was not clear who fired the shots in Company Garden. Regarding the shooting in the Company Garden, it is said that Liaquat Ali Khan was shot by a person named Sayeed Akbar. In front of the crowd where that person was standing, when the bullet came, it was from there. He was piled there by a policeman. However, after the murder, the investigation could not prove that it was Akbar who fired the bullet.

PM is there but…

When the interim government was formed under the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru in undivided India, Nehru became the PM and in this government Liaquat Ali Khan became the Finance Minister of the country. However, after the Indo-Pak partition, Liaquat Ali Khan became the first Prime Minister of Pakistan. Liaquat kept knocking in the eyes of many people and his chair kept staggering. Some people did not want him to be the PM. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also later disillusioned with him.

However, as long as Jinnah remained, Liaquat’s chair did not come under fire. Jinnah died in 1948. In 1951, it was learned that a coup attempt had been made against him, in which senior army officers were also involved. Liaquat Ali Khan remained on the chair. However, he too could not complete his term and might have been a victim of political murder!

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