The country’s first rapid train, the speed will be more than 180 kmph and will get a business class-like feel

The country’s first rapid train has been handed over to the Government of India. This train will be run on Delhi Meerut route. NCRTC has fixed its trial run in the month of August. The running route of this rapid train has also been prepared. In the first phase, this rapid train will be run from Sahibabad to Duhai depot. This track will be of total 17 km. This rapid train will not be like any ordinary train, the facilities available in it are no less than an airplane.

The total route of this rapid rail running between Delhi to Meerut is 82.15 km. In this, the elevated part is close to 68 km while the underground part will be 14.12 km. In this entire route, the running route of the rapid train will be 14 km in Delhi while it will be 68 km in UP. This entire route of 82 km is likely to be built by 2025. In the first phase, this rapid train will run from Sahibabad to Duhai, which is a part of about 17 km.

There will be a total of 24 stations

There will be a total of two depots in this entire corridor and 24 stations will be present in them. These 24 stations include Modipuram, Meerut North, Daurali, MEA Colony, Begumpul, Meerut Central, Bhainsali, Meerut Central, Brahmapuri, Shatabdi Nagar, Brahmapuri, Rithani, Meerut South, Partapur, Modi Nagar North, Modi Nagar South, Muradnagar Depot, Muradnagar. , Duhai Depot, Guldhar, Ghaziabad, Sahibabad, Anand Vihar, New Ashok Nagar, Sarai Kale Khan to name a few.

Who designed the rapid train

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had laid the foundation stone of this project on 8 March 2019. This rapid train was built in Sanwali, Gujarat. The coaches of this train have been prepared by Alstom company. On May 7 of this year, the first set of the train was handed over to NCRTC. Talking about this entire project, Rs 30274 crore is to be spent on this. Both the UP and Delhi governments have a share in the budget spent in the entire project. While the Delhi government will give 3 percent of this entire project, the UP government will have to give 17 percent of this project.

Keep an eye on speed and features

Talking about speed, it is a superfast rapid train. Its maximum speed will run at a speed of 180 kmph. Onboard WIFI facility has been provided for the passengers in this train. Cushioned seating system has been given for a comfortable journey. The seats in this train will be very comfortable. Infotainment display and laptop charging setup will be provided on every seat for the entertainment of the passengers. In view of the safety of women, there will be a separate reserve coach for them.

Train will pass through 2890 pillars

This train running on the 82 km route will pass through all three places, land, elevated and underground. A total of 2890 pillars will be built on this entire route. 1700 pillars have been constructed on the 41 km track built so far. Under the first phase, tracks have been laid in 17 km from Sahibabad to Duhai. After this, now the manufacturing company is doing the work of laying signals and wires.

Corporate lounge-like design

The train will also be given a premium look with better facilities for the passengers. According to NCRTC, a premium business coach will also be added to the rapid train. In this, the business class experience will be given to the passengers. Under this, facilities like sofa, library and coffee machines will be provided to the passengers. However, passengers will also have to spend extra money to use these luxury services. The look of the premium lounge in this train has been designed like the lounge found on an airplane.

Tickets will be available through QR code

Not only the look and feel, but the ticket of this train will also be available under the QR code. Tickets with Automatic Fare Collection System ie AFC and QR code will be available in the Delhi-Meerut RRTC corridor. For these tickets, passengers will have to first generate them by visiting the mobile app and website of NCRTC. Passengers will get entry in the rapid train only after scanning the QR code.

beneficial to the environment

This rapid train is not only good for comfortable travel and fast speed. Rather, this train will prove to be very beneficial for the environment as well. Due to the running of this train, a reduction in carbon emissions in the environment will be recorded. Due to this train, the pressure of one lakh vehicles on the Delhi-Meerut route is expected to reduce daily. This will reduce the emission of 2.50 lakh tonnes of carbon annually.

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