The country of the world on which China cannot attack even America, know which such brahmastra it has!

Relations between China and Taiwan have always been very tense. Last year, the situation had also become tense between the two countries regarding infiltration in the airspace. The story of conflict between the two countries is not new. Taiwan is a small island-like country in front of the world’s superpower China, whose size is not even as big as Cuba. The question is how a small country is competing with China. What is the technology due to which Taiwan is competing with a superpower like China and what is the ‘Silicon Shield’ that is protecting it? Due to which not only China but America also cannot touch that country?

Taiwan-China Conflict History

The conflict between these two countries started in the year 1949. Taiwan was separated from China during the civil war. But China still considers Taiwan as its part, believing it to be just a rebel province. China not only considers Taiwan a part but also openly claims and claims control over it. Whereas the leaders of Taiwan believe that their country is a free country.

The situation between the two countries remained very tense for decades after 1949, but the period of improvement in relations between the two countries started from 1980 onwards. It started from China side. China proposed a one country, two system under which Taiwan would be granted autonomy if it accepted reunification with China. But this proposal was rejected by Taiwan. But on the other hand, Taiwan also relaxed the rules related to travel to China and investment there. A period of informal talks between the two countries began in the era of relations reform, but China accused the Republic of China of illegally blocking government talks with the government of Taiwan. Despite all these efforts, the situation between the two countries has not improved as much as it should have. But due to its technology, Taiwan has kept a superpower like China. Know how the technology called Silicon Shield is saving Taiwan?

Taiwan’s Silicon Shield!

Taiwan has its own strong military to protect its border security and sovereignty. Taiwan is a leader in defense and technology. These are important industries of Taiwan. This country manufactures from fighter planes to solar panels, video games. Taiwan is the world’s leading producer of advanced semiconductor chips. For its security, Taiwan has strengthened itself so much that no country in the world wants this region to be at war. In terms of experts, it has been named as ‘Silicon Shield’ of Taiwan. This is not really a weapon, but Taiwan’s ability to make chips or semiconductors, which China would not want to affect in a country like America.

This silicon shield, which is near Taiwan, keeps it safe from the effects of China’s attack. If China attacks or attempts to invade Taiwan, it may have to bear the heavy economic consequences of the attack. This shield makes you feel the tech power of Taiwan. The economy of the whole world will be affected by this attack. The effect of which is also being seen in recent times.

How effective is this shield?

Not only China and America, no country would want war in this area because every country’s interest is related to it. If there is a war in this area, then the whole world will suffer the effect of shortage of hi-tech chips. Every country will be affected by this. According to voanews news by the year 2021, 1 trillion chips are produced annually in the world. According to estimates by the National Bank of Canada, which monitors this industry, Taiwan alone produces around 90 percent of the most advanced chips. According to a 2021 report by the US-based Semiconductor Industry Association, electronic device makers could face a loss of $490 billion if the war affects chip production in Taiwan. The chip made in Taiwan is used by the world’s largest company Apple, as well as the major European auto markets and even Chinese companies. In recent times, auto companies all over the world are affected by this shortfall.

When was the word shield first used?

voanews According to the report, the term ‘Silicon Shield’ for Taiwan was first used in the late 2000s by writer Craig Edison. He used this term in his book “Silicon Shield: Taiwan Protection Against Chinese Attack”. The debate on this issue increased further during the Corona epidemic. When the supply chain of semiconductors all over the world was affected due to the pandemic. Due to this, not only the tech companies but also the car makers are facing huge losses. Along with this, the US imposed strict restrictions on chip manufacturing on China on the charge of using US technology and design, which further increased the tension between Taiwan and China.

Why America with Taiwan!

In the midst of the conflict between China and Taiwan, America will have to support Taiwan because if the attack happens, the world’s most advanced chip-making factories will come into the hands of China, this will directly affect American companies and the economy. Apart from this, America has sold weapons to Taiwan for its security in recent years. There is also a fear of those weapons going into the hands of China. In 1996, when tensions arose in the Gulf of Taiwan, the US sent two groups of fighter jets to Taiwan. This was so that the action being taken by China targeting Taiwan could be stopped.