That creation of Maithilisharan Gupta, which shook the British rule and the British had to ban it

When India was agitating against the British, at that time many freedom fighters were fighting the war without caring about their lives. Many fighters were fighting with weapons, while there were some people who were overshadowing the British in this war with their own pen. At that time the British were afraid of writers as much as they were afraid of revolutionaries. In the same period, an Indian writer wrote such a composition that the British had to ban it. It is said that so many people were being influenced by that creation that it shook the British rule. The author of this special work was Maithali Sharan Gupt,

Maithilisharan Gupta was one of the great writers of that period, who was given the status of a national poet by Mahatma Gandhi. Today is the birthday of the same great personality and on the occasion of his birthday, we know the special things related to his life as well as know about his creation, which the British government was also afraid of. By the way, Maithilisharan Gupta will be eternally immortal through his creations and will be a source of inspiration for new poets in the coming centuries.

How was the life of Maithilisharan?

He was born on 3 August 1886 in a Vaish family and had a lot of knowledge of many languages ​​like Hindi, Sanskrit, Bangla. It is said that with the inspiration of Pandit Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi, he made Khari Boli the medium of his compositions and composed many poems in this Khari Boli. Many poets who came after this made him the medium of their poetic expression. This is the biggest contribution of Gupta ji in the history of Hindi poetry. His first composition was in the year 1905 in Brajbhasha, whose names were Rasichenda and Saraswati and after that he composed in Khari Boli.

After this, he composed compositions like Rang Mein Bhang, Jayadrat-Vadh and Bharat-Bharati, which gave him special recognition. Yeh Bharat Bharati is one of the important works of his life, for which it is said that it was such a collection that even the British were afraid of it and it was later banned. The reason for its ban was to become popular and to be aware of the revolution from it.

What was the end in Bharat-Bharati?

Let us tell you that in the midst of the war of independence, Bharat Bharti made us aware of the glorious history of India. After this it was sung from schools to many movements. After this, the idea of ​​who we were, what have become and what will be now resonated within everyone. Many versions of it have come out now. The beloved Hargitika verses of Gupta ji have been used in this work. Explain that it is divided into three sections, which include the past, present and future sections.

In the past section, India’s pride, valor, ideals, art, culture, literature etc. have been told. At the same time, in the present section, the position of India has been told and whatever is going wrong was told. Apart from this, good wishes have been made for Indians in the future section. Apart from this, his main compositions are Jayadratha-Vadh, Panchavati, Saket, Yashodhara, Dwapar, Mangal-Ghar, Vishnu Priya etc.

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