Story of Godrej: The insistence of the British on the journey that started with a surgical instrument changed everything

Godrej means the company whose name comes to mind as soon as the picture of the shelves comes to mind, but the founders of the company Ardeshir Godrej This was not his initial business. Coming from the Parsi community, the Godrej Group started Ardeshir Godrej did it. In the initial period, business was not the goal of Ardeshir’s life. He studied law. After completing his studies, in 1894, the Bombay Solicitor’s Company sent him to East Africa to fight the case.

While advocating, he understood one thing very well that in this profession one would have to resort to lies at some point or the other. This was the biggest turning point of his life. Soon he left Africa and came to India.

Started the first business by manufacturing surgical instruments

After saying goodbye to advocacy, he had no work. So started working as an assistant in a chemist’s shop. While working at a chemist’s shop, he thought of making surgical instruments in them. He borrowed 3 thousand rupees to start the business of surgical instruments.

Ardeshir got an opportunity to make surgical instruments for a British company. Ardeshir used to make it and the British company used to sell it. At one time the issue of its branding got stuck. The question arose that whose company’s name should be shown on the surgical instrument. The Indian Company of Ardeshir or the British Company of the British.

business left due to patriotism

Ardeshir wanted to mark the tools as ‘Made in India’, but the British were not ready to accept it. For the sake of patriotism, Ardeshir decided to close that business. Ardeshir did not stop, he continued his efforts. The incidents of theft were increasing in Bombay during that period. Incidents of theft were making headlines in the newspaper. From this he got the idea to create a new product.

After reading the same news, Godrej thought of making such locks which could give more security. Godrej made such locks which were much better than the existing ones. They gave a guarantee that the locks made by us would not be lost by another key.

Locks and cupboards started

Once again he started a new business by taking loan. Started the factory in 215 sq ft near Bombay Gas Works. In 1897, a company named Godrej was founded. It became so popular that the matter of security of things became a big name of trust. After this he started making such shelves which were prepared without cutting the iron sheet.

Due to its product, Godrej’s name started coming into the limelight rapidly. It is said that when George V and Queen Mary came to India in 1911, they used the Godrej locker.

After Tala and Wardrobe, he launched a soap containing vegetable oil. In those days soap was made from animal fat. After this Godrej never looked back and created records of success in India.

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