Story of 10,50,000 crore loot in Delhi! This robber took away not only the money but also the dancers

It was the period of 1738. The reins of the Mughal Empire were in the hands of Mohammad Shah Rangeela. Delhi had become the most famous and beautiful city of India. Art and literature were being encouraged in the royal court. Efforts were on to make it better by experimenting on clothes and dishes. Huge buildings and distant markets were telling the story of their times. The number of religious places was increasing.

The fame of Delhi was increasing. With this fame, the number of people watching him in the city was also increasing. The news of this was reaching Nadir Shah regularly and A big event was about to be recorded in history and everything was about to change.

That evening of July and the entry of Nadir Shah

Nadir Shah did not belong to any Nawabi or royal family. He was born in an area far away from the capital of the Iranian Empire. There was a time when he used to do the work of picking wood from the forests. He became the commander of the world’s most powerful army at the age of three on his own.

Nadir Shah means a tall tough man. A handsome black-eyed ruler who was notorious for his ruthlessness. He did not spare his opponents and had a big heart for those who did ji-hujuri. It was a day in July of 1738, when he crossed the Khyber Pass and reached India. But Delhi was still far away. He was well aware that Delhi was completely engulfed in celebration. The markets there are adorned with beautiful items from China and hookahs with gilded glass, which are difficult to control after seeing. There is a high quality liquor in the market of Delhi, whose hands do not stop after tasting it. The information reaching Nadir Shah was creating greed in his mind.

the walls were gilded

Zaheer Uddin writes about the nobles of Delhi, Zafar Khan Roshan-ud-Daula had so much wealth that even the pharaoh of Egypt could never have imagined. Zafar’s house was like a mountain of gold. A mountain of gold was placed on the walls of the house. Four moons were added to its beauty by placing golden flowers on the terraces. There were silk carpets on the floor. He used to distribute money to the needy on the way.

biggest robbery in history

The prosperity and fame of the nobles of Delhi created pressure to plunder the mind of Nadir Shah. After this, the news of the loot that Nadir Shah created in Delhi reached far and wide. Historians believe that the loot that Nadir Shah had created was worth Rs 70 crore at that time. According to today, it is $ 156 billion i.e. there were about 10 lakh 50 thousand crore rupees.

It was the biggest robbery in history.The loot of Nadir Shah was not limited to the treasury only. He also took with him some of the finest dancers of that era, Hakims, architects and many experts in his field.

After the robbery the king broke down

That loot badly broke Mohammad Shah. Even in history, Mohammad Shah was held responsible for the downfall of the Mughal Empire. At the same time, some historians say that he was not even such a bad ruler. Art, culture, buildings also flourished during his period.Historians say, after that loot, Mohammad Shah failed to defeat many of his enemies. Gradually the administrative institutions began to decline along with his empire.

Nadir attacked and the fortunes of the British were revealed

Nadir Shah attacked Delhi and created a furore. The news of this reached the British East India Company. Due to this incident, the British came to know many weaknesses of the Mughals. Historians believe that the British took full advantage of this. Had it not been for Nadir Shah to attack, the British period would have started more late or may not have happened.

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