Stories from the life of Steve Jobs that became the turning point and brought a big change

‘Your time is limited. Don’t waste it by living someone else’s life. Do not fall into this trap and do not live a life which is the result of thinking of others. This line is the essence of the life of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Company. He may not be with us today, but his thinking and his innovation will rule the hearts of people for decades. of California on 24 February 1955. san francisco Born Steve Jobs died on 5 October 2011.

On 12 June 2005, he reached a program at Stanford University. His speech given to the student became very popular, it was named Stay Hunger Stay Foolish. In the same speech, he told 3 such interesting tales of life that inspire. Know those stories…

1- Deciding not to waste time and money

Steve Jobs says that my mother was unmarried, she was a college student. So before I was born, she decided that she would adopt me to a lawyer couple. After birth, my mother came to know that the couple she is adopting were not graduates, so she refused. Then he promised that he would send his son to college. On this my mother agreed. I enrolled in college at the age of 17. While studying in college, I saw that my parents’ salary was being spent on my education. I don’t even feel like studying. It seemed that even after spending the money, my time was being wasted, so I decided to leave the college.

At that time I didn’t have room to stay. He used to sleep on the ground. He used to spend his money by selling Coke bottles. Krishna used to walk 7 miles to the temple for food. During that time Reed College was famous for calligraphy. I learned different typefaces from there. This created a typography that consists of dots. This inspired the design of my first Macintosh computer. Had I not left college and learned calligraphy, I would not have made such a beautiful computer.

2- Reality writes the story of success

I did whatever I wanted in life. I was only 20 when I started Apple in a garage with Wozniak. We worked hard and have come a long way in 10 years. Four thousand employees started working in that company which started in the garage. The company was doing good work, but our vision was failing, there came a time when I was fired from my own company.

After this, in five years, I set up my new company and named it ‘NeXT’. After this another company was formed named ‘Pixar’, which made the world’s first computer animated feature film Toy Story. Today it is counted among the world’s best animation studios in the world. After becoming popular, it was bought by Apple and I went back to the same company. If I hadn’t been fired from Apple, I probably wouldn’t have made this history. Sometimes there are moments in life that bother, but do not be afraid of it, keep an eye on your goal. There must be purpose in life, without a goal one cannot move forward in life. Failure writes the story of success.

3- Worked every day as the last

I read a quotation at the age of 17, that was to live every day thinking that it is the last day. It impressed me a lot. For 33 years I look in the mirror everyday and think that today is my last day. That’s why I do what I want to do. I do every work with full energy and enthusiasm and its result is also visible.

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