SpiceJet plane catches fire: How a bird collides with a plane catches fire as happened with the plane taking off from Patna airport

Patna Airport of Bihar (Patna AirportBut the engine of SpiceJet flight SG-725 caught fire on Sunday. The plane was going from Patna to Delhi. A safe landing was made in a hurry when smoke rose from the aircraft’s engine. The plane took off at 11.55 and exploded at 12.20 and caught fire (Plane catches fire) came to the fore. DGCA has told the reason for the fire in the plane to the bird. According to the authority, the engine caught fire due to the collision of the bird. Safe landing of all the passengers has been done at the airport. Now Delhi (Delhi) is being sent. In such a situation, the question is how the plane catches fire due to the fight of the bird.

What is the connection between a bird and a fire in an aircraft, does it cause a fire every time a bird strikes and how often it can happen, know the answers to these questions in 5 points

  1. It is not possible that every time the bird collides with the plane, it is not possible that there is a fire. According to the report of ScienceABC, the cases of bird collision mostly come to the fore when the aircraft flies at a low altitude. Therefore such an incident occurs when the aircraft is either taking off or landing. Often birds fly at low altitude, so such an incident occurs. Now do you understand why fire starts?
  2. The incident of a bird hitting an aircraft is called a bird strike. Birds collide in different parts of the plane. Such as- wing, nose cone and jet engine. When birds collide with the wing and nose cone, this part gets damaged, as a result the pressure inside the aircraft starts deteriorating, as a result, many problems start coming in the aircraft. In such a situation an emergency landing is made.
  3. How much damage the aircraft will suffer when the bird hits, it depends on many things. For example, the speed, direction of the aircraft, the weight and size of the bird. The worst case of bird strike is when a bird collides with the turbine and gets stuck in the engine. In the case of the aircraft taking off from Patna airport, it has also been said that the bird collided with the engine.
  4. After a bird gets stuck in the engine, there is a problem in moving the fan blade. As a result, the engine may fail to a great extent or completely. In such a situation, the risk of engine fire increases. If it is not controlled in time, then the risk of loss of life of passengers increases.
  5. How a small bird increases the danger, we can understand it with an example. Suppose a plane is flying at a speed of 275 kmph and a 5 kg bird collides, then the damage on the plane is as much as hitting a 100 kg bag. In this way even a small bird can become the reason for a big incident.

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