Scientists will now dig the ocean to find aliens! What is this mission of 18 crores?

aliens forever for us theme of adventure are. There have often been reports about his being a different world in space. Now once again a mission plan is being done in their hope. Avi Loeb, a Harvard professor, has recently expressed apprehension that the meteorite that crashed in the South-Western Pacific Ocean near Australia was a alien spacecraft Maybe.

Loeb believes that in 2014 Australia’s neighbors Papua New Guinea The meteorite that crashed about 160 kilometers off the coast of India is not just a space rock but a spacecraft of another civilization. He has expressed the belief that aliens exist. But they do not have evidence to prove it.

18 crore mission plan

Professor Loeb $2.2 million to confirm this (about 17 crore 99 lakh 31 thousand 400 rupees) Are planning a mission. Under this mission, Professor Loeb will find out whether aliens also exist or whether humans are the only species living in this universe.

Loeb has raised funds to carry out this mission. Along with this, he has also prepared his team, which will search for meteorites in the bottom of the sea and find out its structure. According to media reports, this space rock is the third such thing that scientists know about.

Mysterious stone increased interest

In the year 2014, when astronomers saw an object moving rapidly in the solar system. So they believed that it came from some other star. Scientists initially suspected that if it was a meteorite, gas and debris would have come out of it. But no gas was coming out of this mysterious stone. At the same time, when viewed through a telescope, sometimes it used to shine a lot and sometimes it would become very dim. Because of its shiny appearance, scientists believed that it was a ship made of metal.

Due to lack of much information, scientists rejected the claim of its being an alien ship. After this, Professor Loeb expressed his desire that scientists need to study more about aliens. Loeb also claimed that with the help of his campaign, he would get important information related to aliens. Also they will make sure that aliens do exist.

Maybe another civilization exists!

Professor Avi Loeb said in one of his statements that it is very arrogant to think that we are special and different. We should be humble. We must recognize that there are many cultures that need to be discovered. Most of the stars were formed 5 billion years before the Sun. There was plenty of time for any civilization to flourish around them. May be some civilization exists, who try to reach us. To know about aliens, we need to look not only above but also below.

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