Ruckus on Beef and Biryani: What is so special about Ambur Biryani that has sparked controversy in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu these days Ambur Biryani is discussed. The reason for the discussion is beef. In fact, beef was banned in the Biryani festival held at Ambur in Tirupattur district here. There was a dispute over this and this festival, which was to be held between 13 and 15, was postponed. Now the SC / ST commission has asked the government not to ignore the beef biryani in the biryani festival. The commission says that there should not be any kind of bias in the government program.

The Tamil Nadu government wanted the biryani to get the GI tag through the Ambur festival. But a new controversy arose. Now after months, the controversy has got air again.

Know what is so special about Ambur Biryani that the government is preparing to get the GI tag and how it became so famous…

  1. Why did the government organize: There are many types of biryani in South India including Hyderabad, including Ambur Biryani. The way the biryani of Hyderabad is famous, the Tamil Nadu government wants the biryani of Ambur to be recognized. It is possible to get such a GI tag. The government believes, after this happens, the number of tourists will increase here.
  2. Biryani originated from the kitchens of Mughals: The Indian Healthy Recipes report says, this biryani originated when it was first prepared by Hussain Baig in the kitchens of Mughals. Later he has started selling it from his house. In this way, that Royal Test climbed on the tongue of the people of that era. Gradually its popularity increased in other cities of Tamil Nadu.
  3. How different and special is Ambur Biryani: This biryani is known as much for its taste as it is for its fragrance. For this special type of cumin samba rice is used. Mint-coriander leaves and mostly whole spices are used in this. This is the reason why the test of meat and beef falling in it increases even more.
  4. Green chili and ghee are not used: This special biryani is the hallmark of Ambur. Which is easily available at restaurants and stalls here. The trend of making such special biryani started in other cities as well. Just like Amritsari Kulcha you get to eat in Delhi and other cities. It is special in many ways because green chillies and ghee are not used in it.
  5. Cooked in a wood fire: The original biryani is cooked slowly over a wood fire. Although in many cities it is not made in the way that is the original way of making it. Therefore, if you want to taste the real Ambur Biryani, then you will have to come here once.

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